26.03.2023 Uganda

Warden sodomizes 7 pupils In Uganda

By Richard Onapatum
Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, Ugandan State Minister for Primary EducationDr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, Ugandan State Minister for Primary Education
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The Ugandan State Minister for Primary Education, Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, has indefinitely suspended the boarding section at Mubende Public Model Primary School after seven pupils were reportedly sodomised by a warden.

According to Dr Kaducu, the boarding section was congested with pupils sleeping on outlawed triple-deck bunk beds – which provide a fertile ground for evil acts like homosexuality.

“I want you to tell the parents that you have been operating an illegal boarding section and no guidelines were being followed. I guess that is why homosexuality has been thriving in the dormitories. How can you let children sleep in that manner?” the minister angrily questioned as she ordered the school management to close the boarding section on Friday.

The minister said in each dormitory, pupils were sleeping two on one bed, which is illegal.

The minister also faulted officials in Mubende Municipality's education department for not doing their work of inspecting schools.

“This boarding section could have been closed a long time ago if the local authorities were doing their work,” she said

The minister's intervention came days after police in the area arrested a warden at the school after seven boys accused him of sodomising them.