Don't Celebrate K T Hammond's Victory; The Future Of The NPP Is Extremely Bleak

Feature Article Don't Celebrate K T Hammond's Victory; The Future Of The NPP Is Extremely Bleak
MAR 26, 2023 LISTEN

The victory or approval of K. T. Hammond and other NPP politicians as ministers shouldn't make NDC opponents or NPP politicians happy. In addition, I don't see any better prospects for this government because the majority of Ghanaians are fed up and no longer interested in Akufo Addo or Bawumia; unfortunately, they pretend they don't know since they have morons backing them. What transpired in parliament serves as evidence of the NPP government's aggressiveness and careless attitude.

The problem with Ghanaians is that many of them lack critical thinking ability, for them, what they will eat today is what matters, so they don't consider tomorrow or the future, and as we all know, a nation that doesn't think about the future never develops. This is one of the reasons why, 66 years after Ghana gained its independence, the country hasn't undergone any significant development because its citizens are more influenced by tribalism, hypocrisy, illiteracy, and greed.


The NPP politicians constantly rejoice when things go their way because they only have the party's survival and maintain their positions in interest, not the plight of the oppressed masses.

China was once like an African country, and after the Second World War, many nations in Europe were in complete disrepair. Nevertheless, since they are clever and not naive like the majority of African politicians, now both China and Europe have rapidly progressed, leaving Ghana, a country that didn't suffer even one hand grenade. Many African nations, like Ghana, continue to waste billions because ineffective politicians are more concerned with endemic corruption than prosperity.

Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Bawumia would not put Ghana in such a terrible situation with high debt and a lack of accountability if they were extremely intelligent, effective, and competent. Ghana is a country with many resources, including the valuable gold, bauxite, diamond, oil, and agricultural products, like cocoa, that have made many foreign countries rich, yet this government couldn’t do anything with it and now, they want Ghanaians to believe that IMF bailout will save the country.

The NPP government is the one with the highest number of elected politicians serving the country under Akufo Addo. In addition, the former Flagstaff House has employed many people at a cost to the state of millions annually with no benefit to the country. Hence, if you're a competent politician and intelligent leader, you should consider how the newly appointed ministers would exacerbate the challenges already faced by the poor people who already live in extreme poverty.

The government has prohibited recruiting new employees as a result of the nation's financial problems; this is a major setback for job searchers and recent grads who have been unable to find employment for years. Hence, I find it incomprehensible that a government that serves no purpose for the populace would want to increase the number of ministers in the cabinet rather than shrink it. Akufo Addo believes that being stubborn is admirable, but I disagree; his actions just show his ignorance and lack of comprehension.

I watched KT Hammond speak before the screening committee; he was unable to even describe what he would do if appointed a minister. Similar to Hawa Koomson, K T Hammond babbled incoherently as though under the influence of narcotics. Thus, this specific government has over a hundred ineffective ministers. The NPP claimed they have the men but only morons, I am not the one saying this, Kennedy Agyapong said that and completed with these last words, “read my lips.”

Whether the NDC or the Minority parliament loses, Ghanaians shouldn't jubilate over that since it will only lead to endless hardship for them. Bawumia and Kyerematen are among those who wrecked the nation; as a result, I would be an idiot to vote for any of these candidates. If you are smart, you should wonder what Bawumia and Kyerematen will do for the underprivileged if they are elected president because they are members of this destructive regime.

Only a fool will put their faith in Bawumia or any NPP politician to save the economy and save the sinking country. A good government imposes stringent regulations to revive the economy in times of crisis. Some of the strategies include reducing the amount spent and the size of the cabinet. Are you fools to celebrate the NDC's defeat when Akufo Addo has chosen to add more ministers to his government rather than reduce the size of his ministry?

Nothing comes easy and when it does, there is a cost. Ghanaians have seen firsthand how widespread corruption and incompetence have exposed Akufo Addo and the entire NPP party government. They shouldn't take Ghanaians for granted, after imposing the fraudulent E-Levy on the people, they now wish to appoint new ministers against their choice. The impoverished Ghanaians have had enough, and I don't believe they will put up with any additional suffering to comply with IMF requirements.

The NPP politicians are finding it too difficult to cope with Ato Forson, and they believe they have him now as they make fun of him, however, it is up to the Minority Leader to decide whether to give up or to remain resolute and fight for the underprivileged Ghanaians.