Rainstorm destroy parts of school building

  Fri, 24 Mar 2023
Social News Rainstorm destroy parts of school building

A rainstorm has ripped-up most parts of the Aburi Amanfo M/A Junior High School (JHS) building making the classrooms and Headteacher's office to accumulate volumes of water.

Most documents, textbooks and exercise books in the office were saved due to the presence of some teachers in the office during the rainfall.

Mr. Seth Akwagyiram, the Headteacher of Aburi Amanfo M/A JHS told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that it was an unfortunate incident which occurred when the school was preparing to vacate.

He, however, noted that the incident was expected as the weak roofs of the school building could not withstand the magnitude of the storm.

Mr. Akwagyiram noted that the school building after its construction had not seen any major renovations apart from painting which had been done twice.

“The only thing we can boast of as a school is that the school has been painted before. Apart from that, nothing has been done to maintain the school building despite the continuous call for help”, he said.

As a result of the current situation of the building, Mr. Akwagyiram called on all stakeholders to help repair the damage caused before school resumed so that students would have a safe place to learn.

Ms Gould Benney, a Fellow of the Lead For Ghana and a teacher at Aburi Amanfo M/A JHS who witnessed the incident said, “the roof came off effortlessly as if the building was not constructed properly”.

“The whole community has to sit up and do something about the school because it's the only Junior High School serving about 12 communities”.

Meanwhile, some residents of the Yaw Duodu, where the school is situated, Oboadaka, Adukro and other communities have also had their fair share of the rainstorm as it ripped up some buildings, uprooted market sheds and also destroyed some aluminum sheet kitchens.

The residents called on the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), assembly and other stakeholders to come to their aid as their property had been left at the mercy of the rain.


The rain which started at about 1420hrs in some communities connected to Yaw Duodu in the Akuapim South Municipality lasted for more than three hours.

Victims of the rain impatiently waited for the rain to cease so that they could find suitable solutions to their problem at hand.