23.03.2023 Feature Article

Why Ghana must not build a nuclear power plant

Why Ghana must not build a nuclear power plant
23.03.2023 LISTEN

Ghana's hard-of-hearing greed-filled elites want to foist a nuclear power plant on Mother Ghana. Amazing. The question a wise and aspirational African people ought to ponder over is: If even super-wealthy and efficiently-run Japan is struggling and failing to deal with consequences of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, why should we think that we can handle a similar disaster, were one to occur here too, after an earthquake, I ask, dear critical-reader? Hmmm, ey3nsem piiiii, oooo. Yooooooo...

Nuclear waste remains radioactive and hence incredibly dangerous for thousands of years.

If as a society we can't even handle landfill sites for household and industrial waste, and are notorious for not having a world-class maintenance-culture (and we won't even mention how rampant high-level corruption results in the variation of designs for major public procurement infrastructure projects, to make up for fat-brown-envelope kickbacks), let us not saddle future generations with what is bound to end up as an unmitigated disaster of unimaginable proportions, ooooo, Ghanafuor.

We must not allow elite-nokofio-culture to lead us to this hellish-future, koraaaa, oooooo. Enough is enough. We must rather focus on incentivising private sector renewable energy players to power Ghana with 100 percent emission-free clean power - and stop the lunacy of planning to build a nuclear power plant in Ghana (a laughable elite-floated self-enrichment-idea if ever there was one, lol). Yooooooo...