Putin is building his own anti-western world with help from China – Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov

Headlines Putin is building his own anti-western world with help from China – Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov
MAR 23, 2023 LISTEN

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin is reportedly forming a new block with assistance from his "dear friend," Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China.

Dmitry Andreyevich Muratov, a Russian journalist, television presenter, and the editor-in-chief of the Russian-based newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, tells the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) about a recent visit of the Chinese leader to the war-prone city of Moscow, capital of Russia.

"Putin is building his own block; he doesn’t trust the world anymore; he is looking for allies and trying to make Russia part of a common fortress with China, as well as India, Latin America, and Africa. He now has issues with the west, so he is looking to the east.

"He is looking forward to building his own anti-western world," he said, as documented by the BBC’s Steve Rosenburg in a filed report.

"The most bleak possibility is that the Chinese government thinks that the war in Ukraine is actually beneficial to its geo-strategy, and that is because Russia is doing its dirty work at the moment and eating up to the west..." said Stephen McDonell, a Chinese correspondent to the BBC.

Mr. Jinpin broke the seeming record of isolation Russia has been carved into by the western world following their invasion of Ukraine with his controversial visit.

Though the real reason for the visit, aside from looking for peace between Russia and Ukraine, as Muratov said, could be the establishment of a new world fortress, it was sad that the visit was intended to strengthen the commercial ties between the two nations.

With excitement, Putin, who was recently declared a world crime suspect by the International Criminal Court, welcomed the Chinese leader, as he deemed it a redemption for his recent international rejections.

In a suspicious manner and probably a confirmation of the rumours of China helping Russia fight the world, Russia, as it stands, is the only country to benefit most from the tie-building as they depend mostly on China than the other way around.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin held talks as part of the Chinese president's state visit to Moscow.

Putin welcomed his "dear friend" to the Kremlin on Monday, before saying he had studied Beijing's 12-point peace proposals to end the war in Ukraine, the BBC’s report said.

The leaders went on to hold more than four hours of what were described as "informal talks," with more formal discussions and press statements scheduled later.

Watch the BBC report below;

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