Thu, 23 Mar 2023 General News

Tribal politicians should be confined to the dustbin of history

By Fred Dzakpata || Contributor
Tribal politicians should be confined to the dustbin of history

Ghana goes to the polls in December 2024 to elect its President and Members of Parliament. Quite Expectedly, political activists and potential aspirants for various positions have commenced campaign activities, taking advantage of various platforms both virtual and physical to present themselves as more suitable candidates than their opponents for the various positions.

As these potential candidates present their messages to voters ahead of the 2024 elections, Ghanaians have been advised to embrace messages that touch on unity and togetherness as a people while rejecting political messages with tribal and ethnically charged derogatory themes.

While messages of unity and togetherness will make Ghanaians see themselves as one people and thus shun violence against one another, tribalism and ethnocentrism-filled messages have the potential to fester violence and plunge the country into chaos.

The advice was given by Isaac Osei, The Board Chairman for Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority on the sidelines of the inauguration of the National Anchor of Hope Society in Accra.

Mr Osei who interacted with newsmen at the event reception described the Society as a very good initiative which seeks to bring together all manner of persons in the Catholic church irrespective of their tribe, social standing or political affiliation. He observed that this togetherness could be a good example for national political leaders in light of recent outbursts by some politicians who appear to think that tribal politics is what will win votes for them.

Citing the unfortunate 1994 genocide in Rwanda as an example, Mr Osei cautioned that “…the consequences of tribalism and ethnocentrism are far too dangerous for any country to bear and in fact those who use tribalism and religious bigotry to enhance their own political agenda must be condemned and relegated to the dustbins of history.”

Osei noted that just as membership of the association is not limited to tribe, religion or gender, the selection of a leader of Ghana and the over 230 Parliamentarians must also be done along the virtuous lines of unity and nationalism.

The former Member of Parliament for Subin constituency in Kumasi called on aspirants to come out with creative ways of solving the country’s challenges. He said the goal of every one seeking to be in political leadership must revolve around making the lives of the people better in one way or the other.

Osei commended Mr Michael Ezzan the National president of the association for bringing all manner of people together.