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19.01.2007 General News

More Research Will Do

By Daily Graphic
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I am saddened by the letters appearing on this page concerning Ghanaian movies.

Some of the writers do not research on their topics before they write.

Others write to criticise but fail to do it constructively and the rest identify problems but fail to suggest possible solutions.

This particular topic has been featuring frequently on this page and that has prompted me to react which gives me the opportunity to at least, enlighten and edify some of these writers.

Many articles bordering on our local movies and actors have been posted but most of the writers lacked facts.

First, a writer called Luvz Frankies wrote under the caption 'Go Back to root of African Film making' (Nov. 30-Dec 6, 2006) where he hollered by writing "Our film makers lack creativity, imagination and the passion for film making, therefore the works they produce have no value or meaning." How vague!

He went on to slander some local movies and even mentioned the-yet-to-be-released 'Run Baby Run' by Revele Films.

Michael Thompson Of GIJ was a huge disappointment with the article 'Ghanaian Movies Need More Creativity' (Jan.4-10, 2007) where he ignorantly wrote "Did someone just mention Agya Koo? Agya who?" How on Ghana's soil could a trainee journalist disrespect Agya Koo? Better come again Michael, you can do better.

The worst of all the articles came from Buabey Emmanuel with the article 'Watch these, Ghanaian producers' where he made a mess of himself by writing "Agya Koo keeps on changing from a small boy to a comedian to a lover and it's not right" Get real Emmanuel, it's called versatility or multi-faceted.

He went on to write "You hardly see any Nigerian movies done in their local language."

Agya Koo and local movies have been a blessing to our non-existing movie industry. Two years ago, our markets and televisions were inundated with nothing but Nigerian movies and series. We had to watch Nigerian movies morning, afternoon and evening and we were so entranced by their actors such that, we fill the Conference Centre to see them sing even when they are not singers.

Thanks to Agya Koo and the rest, our movies and theirs are sharing the airtime and it's only a matter of time before we take over completely.

Ghanaian local movies have flooded the market and people are clamouring for them. The standard may be low, but it is not that bad. At least, the likes of Agya Koo deserve awards for shifting the interest back to Ghanaian films.

All we have to do is capitalise on the interest and build upon that by producing more English oriented movies or blend the two, a move already started by Emmanuel Apea and Revele Films with 'Run Baby Run'.

Instead of denigrating and debasing our actors and movies, we ought to pat them on the back and encourage them to do better. Who told Emmanuel that Nigerians don't have movies in their local language?

The fact that you've not seen one does not mean it does not exist. Of course, they do have movies done in Ibo and Yoruba, but they don't sell here because the likes of Emmanuel don't understand the language and they also don't come with subtitles. It is alright to criticise but make sure that as you are quick to identify problems, also be quick in suggesting solutions.

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

[email protected]

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