Wed, 22 Mar 2023 Feature Article

History is on the move again

History is on the move again

The high-profile meeting in Moscow this week between China's President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in all its results and gestures clearly demonstrated that China has the upper hand over Russia. Russia depends on the support from China to supply the war-gone country with more armory while buying oil and other products under boycott by western nations. The underdog China has by the causes of history taken over the power from its neighbor.

Empires today often referred to as Superpowers do not break down in tears over their once-enjoyed glory but implode from within a little push from the outside to finish off the collapse. The USA once upholding human and political values imported from Europe finds itself in deep internal problems just over these principles. As former USA President Barak Obama during his visit to Ghana said a prosperous country does not need strong men but rather strong institutions.

He foresaw the misery the USA finds itself in currently. While some institutions are functioning as they independently should to bring former USA President Donald Trump before a Grand Jury over potentially unlawful behavior looking at the current President Joe Biden shaking off old age-old and onto the list of potential candidates from both major parties even my politically not experienced late mother, a waitress would have seen behind the obvious that the people of the USA destroy their legacy bit by bit no longer fit for purpose, no longer capable to lead the western world or beyond.

Presidents come and go but it is the people that will stay for much longer. Their state of mind must be carefully observed and constantly be analyzed as the implosion does not come from the top but from the bottom. The top is as a result of the bottom. The latest evidence was the Arab Spring or the current protests in France about a pension reform which in e.g. Germany had never triggered any violence.

African countries watch history unfolding around the world unaware of the truth behind it. While their people run to churches during working hours their mind is set mainly on improving their personal lives, not of the entire continent which eventually would finally reflect back into their lives. No Prophet of Africa to my humble knowledge has prayed or is constantly praying for Africa to rise up and above the rest of the world to take dominion over humanity again.

Wealth is the tool of dominion while values and desire are its essence.