The Dark Days Of Ghanaian Politics Under The NPP Government

Feature Article The Dark Days Of Ghanaian Politics Under The NPP Government
MAR 22, 2023 LISTEN

The people of Ghana are currently experiencing what I will refer to as the "dark days of Ghanaian politics" under the leadership of Akufo Addo, sixty-six years after the country gained its independence. It all began when the present administration, which was in opposition at the time, persuaded Ghanaians that John Mahama, a former leader of their country, was corrupt and incompetent. The opposition leader, Akufo Addo, who has twice tried to win the presidency, assured the populace that if they give him the power that is rightfully theirs, he will serve them better than Mahama.

The adage "the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know" is very true. Akufo Addo, Bawumia, the current vice president, and his wife, teased and made fun of the former Ghanaian president. At one point, his wife Samira sang, "If you see Mahama, then you have seen incompetence," making fun of Mahama while Bawumia sang on the podium that "Ghanaians, particularly Kayayee," are suffering. Today, the incompetent vice president, diagnosed with the endless lying disease, wants to be a president. What can the apprentice do if the master has failed, causing such significant harm?

Akufo Addo blasted Mahama, accused him of poor leadership, and insisted that Mahama should step down even when the dollar exchange rate was 3.72 GHC. So why is Akufo Addo still in power after inflicting so much damage on our nation and the poor? Why are the religious leaders and the anti-Mahama media who condemned him quiet today? Akufo-Addo allegedly accused John Dramami. Mahama is running a dishonest campaign ahead of the 2020 elections, but it turns out that he corrupted the outcome. Ken Agyapong has confirmed that.


The majority of Ghanaians are experiencing political upheaval, corruption, and suffering as the NPP's rampaging elephant obliterates everything in its path, including the country's health, education, and economic sectors. If Ghanaians don't take action to prevent election rigging in 2024, this is just the beginning. I've been telling you since the beginning, but you haven't listened. Photo credit: Asian media

Akufo Addo told John Mahama in 2020 that "lies and deception can't restore you to power," but today, the majority of Ghanaians are aware of which of the two leaders is the most liar, cheat, corrupt and incompetent. Since Akufo Addo was elected president, I have been watching him and have repeatedly warned Ghanaians that his dishonest policies and reckless lifestyle will bring the country to ruin. Nevertheless, the more I wrote telling Ghanaians, the more I have come under criticism and insults.

Readers on the ModernGhana platform can attest that, out of all the columnists, I have been the target of the greatest abuse and insults, which have also been directed at my late mother and father. The truth is more bitter than the bile, the tragic aspect of Ghana's dilemma is that the president is responsible for the corruption which led to the collapse of the banking institutions, and crimes plaguing the nation, particularly illicit mining and corruption at the ports, which stopped both local and foreign investments

While Akufo Addo keeps telling Ghanaians that COVID and the Russia-Ukraine war are to blame for the country's economic collapse, he refuses to mention that a significant portion of COVID funds was embezzled and also Ken Agyapong exposed him as the person behind widespread corruption at the ports, which ultimately affected both local and foreign investments and resulted in a high rate of unemployment, crime, and the largest debt for which any Ghanaian government is accountable.

The current government is working on a nefarious plan with the head of the electoral commission, Jean Mensa, to rig the elections once more to keep the utterly incompetent NPP in power in 2024. Since the new Minority Leader, Ato Forson, has been a tough pill for the NPP government to swallow, they are now trying to find a way to get rid of him to make the nefarious plans of the Jean Mensa successful, so that it could land before parliament to be approved like the bogus E-Levy.

The current political challenges in Ghana are not between the NDC and the NPP; rather, they are between the NPP and Ghanaians, as I have already stated and will do so again. In particular, the common people will suffer if Jean Mensa is successful in carrying out her evil ambitions. The entire administration seeks to protect itself from becoming known for the extensive corruption they have fostered and come into conflict with harsh under a new government.

If the destruction of Ghanaian businesses by the implementation of the fraudulent-failed E-Levy, the widespread corruption and incompetence that have touched every aspect of the country's infrastructure is still not a lesson to be learned, then the suffering Ghanaians should permit the EC head to continue with her evil schemes. Akufo Addo is a man who acts in his way to ward against dangers, even though many people don't understand him. In other words, he closes doors that would allow his corruption to be exposed swiftly because he is corrupt.

He recently gave Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, the health minister, the highest honor. Many people were upset about that and find it difficult to understand why a dishonest, incompetent, and corrupt health minister was given such an honor. As a result of both the health minister and Akufo Addo’s involvement in the COVID fund embezzlement and also the corruption involving the purchase of COVID vaccination through a middleman, Akufo Addo bestowed the honor of silencing the minister.

Why would any intelligent leader defend Chairman Wontumi, saying he longer engages in illicit mining, in this regard? Akufo Addo took did that because he owns a stake in the illicit mining enterprise run by Bernard Antwi Bosiako, the NPP politician. The man, who declared that Ghana is better than America some time ago, said recently that "Because of problems, I have relocated all my children from the UK to Ghana." Who cares about Wontumi’s children while the majority of Ghanaian kids are suffering?

According to Akufo-Addo, Ghanaians are smarter enough to know the true character of Mr. Mahama. That is the biggest lie in Ghanaian political history because he is now recognized as a liar, an imposter, a deceiver, corrupt, and the cause of Ghana's economic catastrophe, due to his useless array of over a hundred idiotic politicians serving the nation and the multitude of unprofitable workers at the former Flagstaff House, all leading to the endless drain of Ghana’s resources.