Bolga East: You won't win, so spend your money wisely — Dominic Ayine tells NPP's Mathew Amoah

NPP News Bolga East: You won't win, so spend your money wisely — Dominic Ayine tells NPP's Mathew Amoah
MAR 23, 2023 LISTEN

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga East in the Upper East Region Dr. Dominic Ayine has advised Mathew Amoah of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to spend his money wisely.

He said whether Mattew Amoah, a former Parliament Candidate of the NPP likes it or not, he (Dominic Ayine) is going to retain the seat.

According to the former Deputy Attorney General, even though he sometimes had sleepless nights with some issues in the constituency, a political novice like Mattew Amoah is not his worry.

“I may have a lot of sleepless nights about a lot of issues, I don’t lose sleep over the NPP, not at all, not in this Constituency, so all the things that they are doing have you heard me respond to them? Is not because I don’t see what they are doing, you can’t go and collect people from Bolgatanga Technical University, non-voters in this Constituency and come and parade them around and say that you have got the crowd," he told this reporter.

Dr. Ayine also reveal how they planted people in the recent health walk organized by the NPP in his Constituency where some persons were secretly engaged to know whether they were from Bolga East.

“That’s why I say, the quality of the crowd matters. If you bring people from Bolgatanga Technical University, Bolgatanga midwifery, Bolgatanga nursing training school, and also I had NDC people roaming in the crowd and we were interviewing them, even people from Walewale who had no vote in Bolgatanga East.

“So please, tell Mathew Amoah my good junior brother wherever he has gotten his money from, he should spend it wisely because am going to retain the seat,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ayine’s filing was massively accompanied by delegates and party supporters, all seen happily drumming and dancing in Bolga East.

Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen
Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen

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