19.03.2023 Feature Article

Do ideas shape humans or human ideas?

Do ideas shape humans or human ideas?
19.03.2023 LISTEN

Heerde:" 70% of your academic success depends on the personality of your teachers."

Shadyia, 14 years, Iraq born:" Yes, we know that."

Sally, 12 years old, Syrian refugee:" We know that. But Mr. Heerde, can't we all have the right teachers?"

Vanessa, 15 years, Bulgarian: "Sally that is not possible. But you know in Germany here we have a shortage of teachers."

Karl Marx in his book "The Capital", the basis of communism claimed that the circumstances of our early and later life determine the outcome of our life when we die.

As humans, we are born into a situation beyond our wish or control. Christianity and Muslims believe God knows us even before were born. We live life from the end, not the beginning. Like a Million pieces puzzle (representing the many events in our life) that is a full picture before being cut into a Million small pieces for users to piece it together to the original picture our life is.

Why should God/Allah give any great idea of blessing to anyone of us knowing we would never obey his command and be willing to be corrected along the way? God/Allah has an agenda for the world and works with time. The world was created by time, 6 days of work, and a day to rest. Wasting time means wasting people and their glorious future, never on the mind of God/Allah. Africans as well as Arabs don't care about time sidelining destiny. To be at the right time at the right place is where your destiny is. Like placing the right puzzle piece next to the right another puzzle piece at the right time will make the picture complete as it was intended to be.

Does it wonder anyone that Africa is still not where it should and could be? What my young students in Hamburg, Germany already understand coming from around the world African nations still lack understanding of it at the polling stations and in barracks.

Why should God/Allah give Africans great ideas when he knows they will not listen and do the right things? Why should he give them the best teachers when they are unwilling to listen and learn from them but believe others like politicians pretend to say there is a shortage of leaders to teach them well?

The will of individuals and as nations to pick the right pieces of evidence at the right time and put it in the right place makes great ideas of a glorious masterpiece to be the beacon of light and hope in a world hungry for answers and a monument of humanity in his book of creation.