The Coward Paul Adom-Otchere Can’t Speak About The Murder Of His Fellow Journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale

Feature Article The Coward Paul Adom-Otchere Can’t Speak About The Murder Of His Fellow Journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale

Homicide investigations are considered essential to hold those responsible accountable, but under Nana Akufo Addo's leadership, things are different in Ghana. It is astonishing that Paul Adom-Otchere, who claims to be a qualified journalist, couldn't even speak about the brutal murder of his fellow journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, he rather keeps defending corruption and criminal activity under the NPP government because he is paid to do.

There are people without shame, and I see a lot of them in this NPP government. Just a few days ago, one journalist asked a presidential aspirant, why he wants to be president and he responded, "He wants to be a president because he wants to be the flag bearer of the NPP." If a presidential aspirant would say something like that, you should be aware that he wouldn't know what to do once he is in that position. Paul Adom-Otchere and other NPP politicians are similarly the same.

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Paul Adom-Otchere, who supports crime and corruption in Akufo Addo's regime, is a coward for refusing to speak out about the death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a fellow journalist.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a journalist who had previously worked for the private investigation team "Tiger Eye," managed by Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, was brutally murdered on January 16, 2019, by gunmen on motorcycles in an Accra neighborhood. Since then, four years have gone, and the alleged perpetrators are still at large. Because this horrible crime took place under the current administration, many journalists fear pursuing the case.

Nevertheless, the reality is that it is preferable to give up journalism completely if you are a coward and afraid of reporting the truth or fear that publicizing some murder cases will have an impact on the administration you work for. In addition to Ahmed Hussein-Suale's assassination, several significant murder cases, such as the killing of NPP politician J. B. Danquah-Edu and the deaths of 8 voters in Techiman South, remain unsolved, all have been swept under the carpet as cold cases.

As a coward, I know Paul Adom-Otchere cannot investigate any of the homicides mentioned above, and doing so would affect both him and President Akufo Addo, who appointed him to oversee operations at the Kotoka International Airport. However, it enrages me if Paul Adom-Otchere continues to encourage, support, abet, and help crime and corruption within the Akufo Addo-led government.

It is difficult to investigate because the president, Nana Akufo Addo, the Inspector General of Police, George Dampare, and NPP politician, Ken Agyapong, have all been linked to the deaths. So we are in a nation where the "Big Boss" commits murder, he enjoys his crime with impunity, while a chicken or a goat thief, is given between four and ten years in prison and the corrupt judges behind these crimes want to be respected.

Paul Adom-Otchere, there is something about journalism that you don't know that I will teach you today. Exceptional journalist is not defined by their educational background or degree but rather by the moral message they convey to their country. There are countless incidents of criminality and corruption that Mr. Adom-Otchere has defended; however, we'll talk about two grave ones that startled the nation.

Under the NPP government, Paul Adom-Otchere supports criminal behavior

The president, Nana Akufo Addo, had a relationship with Serwaa Broni, a Ghanaian-Canadian nurse, well-known on social media. The lady was invited to Ghana to conceal the affair so that Ghanaians would have nothing to talk about. While in Ghana, on one of her travels, she was stopped at gunpoint by NPP officers, including the now-intelligent Hopeson Adorye, to obtain every piece of evidence from the woman to suppress the case.

After doing all the dirty work for Akufo Addo, Hopeson Adorye was ultimately sacked by the same cunning and unappreciative president. What was he thinking after sneaking into the hotel room of the lady in search of clues to avoid implicating Akufo Addo? If Adorye will remember me saying this would happen to him one day, and indeed, it happened. Ghanaians should never underestimate what I write, they should take my word that Paul Adom-Otchere would experience a similar fate before the end of his shameful career.

Serwaa Broni was able to be interviewed by Mr. Kevin Taylor thanks to the efforts of the host of "Loud Silence TV," and the majority of Ghanaians were surprised by the case's concealed discovery that she divulged. Then enters Paul Adom-Otchere, Akufo Addo's criminal defense journalist, according to him, the woman accused and framed Akufo Addo because she wanted money to buy a luxurious home in a wealthy neighborhood like Cantonment or the Airport Residential Area.

If a journalist will disregard the fact that a gun was pulled on such an innocent woman and the misery she experienced and just accuse her of framing the president because she wants money to purchase a fancy house, it shows that Paul Adom-Otchere is not only a fake journalist but also someone detrimental to society because he is not preaching anything that will morally help the populace.

Paul Adom-Otchere defends the NPP government's corruption

Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, the former Head of the Forestry Commission, was found to have illegally acquired a long list of 75 properties, including homes, plots of land, bank accounts, investments, enterprises, firearms, and clothing. Paul Adom-Otchere, the proponent of crime and corruption who is frequently listened to by idiots and bigots from certain tribes, then makes an appearance and asserts that "Sir John had those assets because many people he worked for gave to him as gifts."

Since nobody is above the law and no distinction between the rich and the poor when it comes to the law, both must be punished equally for breaking it but in Ghana, a large number of politicians, pastors, and wealthy people, who regard themselves to be elites are profiting from crimes without being held accountable. How much longer will this last? Your humiliation and disgrace, Paul Adom-Otchere, are coming at you like a furious hurricane, and when it does, you'll remember this article by Joel Savage.