LGBTQ Right And Acceptance In Ghana

Article LGBTQ Right And Acceptance In Ghana
MAR 18, 2023 LISTEN

Across the globe the LGBTQ community has always been met with violence and discrimination within our society. It is a fact that these people are on daily bases subjected to physical abuse and in most instances tortured and killed. To make matters worse for them as we are witnessing in many countries, there is a deliberate attempt to pass legislations that discriminate their activities hence exposing them to more violence. Ghana for instance is one of the countries in this category.

The retention of section 104(1)(b) of the 1992 constitution which is seen as an anti-gay law is obviously a state approval to expose the LGBTQ community to violence and discrimination. On numerous occasions people in position who are expected to propagate the right of these individuals are unfortunately the ones calling for the criminalization of their activities.

In January 2021 after the inauguration of the country s first LGBTQ community center, it was was closed down by the police around February the same year after there was a protest by some sections of Ghanaians against the inauguration. The leader of the LGBTQ, Mr. Alex kofi Donkor was reported to have said that the rate at which the anti-gay hateful reaction is increasing at an alarming rate which makes him fear for his colleague’s safety. In June 2016, some women were arrested and detained at a football camp on a suspicion of being lesbian and were subsequently disowned by their families after they were released. I will always use myself as an example to indicate how these individuals suffer at the hands of some sections of our community. I have physically been attacked, tortured because of my association with them. There are instances where my relatives are ridiculed and some cases subjected to abuses because of me.

Another biggest challenge for the LGBTQ has to do with the issue of stigmatization which has a significant negative impact on their wellbeing. Again, when It comes to opportunities on the various sectors of the economy, they continue to face challenges in accessing it. They have limited opportunity. Currently the issue of homosexuality remains a very sentimental issues in Ghana because of moral, cultural and religious reasons (Anarfi & Gyasi Gyamera &,2014 ; Gyasi Gyamerah & Akotia ,2016).

If we truly want to grow as a society, we must be seen protecting the right of individuals especially the minority even when we do not agree with their choices. We must as people accept individuals regardless their sexual preferences.

I will make a passionate appeal to people in authority to desist from passing commentary that expose the LGBTQ to dangers. The state should support the various civil societies who are championing the course of the LGBT community.

All law enforcing agencies should pay much attention in protecting the right of these individuals and also make it possible for them to approach them whenever they need their services. There should be a conscious effort from the state to sensitize the citizenry on the need to respect individuals right