Jean Mensa Doesn't Care About The Poor Ghanaians, She Is Just Trying To Avoid A Potential Conviction Under A New Administration

Feature Article Jean Mensa Doesn't Care About The Poor Ghanaians, She Is Just Trying To Avoid A Potential Conviction Under A New Administration
MAR 17, 2023 LISTEN

Madam Jean Mensa, the head of the Electoral Commission, is battling a potential conviction that she is aware may happen after the NPP government is no longer in office. After being protected by Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah and refusing to testify in the witness box to explain to Ghanaians how she arrived at the false figures she presented as the election results to choose a presidential loser as the winner for the 2020 elections, the woman is feeling uneasy and being haunted by her dishonesty.

If Jean Mensa believes that rigging the elections again in favor of either Bawumia or Alan Kyerematen is the best way to avoid her facing any justice under a new government, about whatever wrong she has done and also over the killing of 8 persons during the 2020 elections, then she is seriously mistaken. Under the current administration, the majority of Ghanaians have had enough after losing everything, including their businesses, and have no further interest in the NPP government.

Since millions of Ghanaians have yet to receive their Ghana cards and there isn't enough time for every Ghanaian who is eligible to vote to obtain one, the decision by the head of the Electoral Commission to use the Ghana card as the only form of identification for the upcoming general elections is absurd. Not Akufo Addo, Jean Mensa, or Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, power belongs to the people. The majority of Ghanaians who are uninterested have the right to fight against it if these criminals decide to act jointly and take such terrible actions solely to advance their own interests.


Jean Mensa’s demand to use a Ghana card as the only identification for eligible voters is not because she cares about Ghanaians. She is battling against any justice she would face under a new administration, due to her crimes and the Ghanaians murdered during the 2020 elections.

Jean Mensa is wasting her time; her ideas won't work because nobody in that nation is that ignorant to permit such a tragic choice to be made. She cannot make a choice that will endanger the lives of millions of Ghanaians while benefiting only a small group of people. This will never occur; those who are ordering her to carry out such evil deeds will fail alongside her. Even though this woman has the bible so close to her, she still struggles to sleep at night because her heart is so filled with wickedness.

In Nigeria, where Jean Mensa was present to observe the election, the biggest electoral fraud in recent memory was documented in the political history of West Africa. It has come to the point in Ghana where most Ghanaians can no longer take it and don't want anything to do with this party called the NPP. If she thinks Ghana is a peaceful nation and therefore, can take the people for granted and introduce that phony election that took place in Nigeria to Ghana, she must exercise extreme caution if she is wise.

Since the majority of Ghanaians are no longer interested in the NPP today or tomorrow, Jean Mensa cannot pretend she doesn’t know. If she wants to deny Ghanaians the right to vote by demanding a Ghana card that has been issued more in the NPP stronghold regions rather than NDC regions, then she is treading on dangerous grounds because the majority are suffering and hungry. I am really happy that Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu in the Volta region, has requested the National Identification Authority's date of issuance to investigate.

The decisions made by the NPP government have all been disastrous, and the tragic aspect of Ghana's problem is the gang of corrupt Supreme Court judges that back all of Akufo Addo's policies or crimes, whether they have an impact on the country or not. I don't think anyone will live under the NPP government if Ghanaians try to follow Jean Mensa's lead and make the Ghana card the only form of identity recognized for voting in the country because Bawumia, Afriyie Akoto, and Kyerematen are all a part of this destructive government.

I'm curious as to whether Ghanaians are aware of the amount of money being squandered on her. She represents a useless government that has emptied Ghana's coffers without being held accountable, bringing the nation and economy to their knees. Why are Ghanaians silent about millions of Cedis being wasted on Jean Mensa due to her dishonesty while the former heads of the Electoral Commission, Afari Gyan, and Charlotte Osei, never squandered taxpayer’s money by asking for police or army protection?

Although Jean Mensa is aware that her evil schemes have the potential to incite violence, she doesn't care because she knows that she will convince many of her supporters, including NPP politicians, to blame the former president of Ghana, John Mahama, for the unrest. However, not this time because numerous international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund, are keeping tabs on the political developments in the nation and are aware of the harm Akufo Addo has caused to the nation.

Building a solid reputation takes a million individuals, but all it takes is one foolish person to ruin everything that has been accomplished. Jean Mensa’s selfishness and the threat of facing responsibility for her crimes under a new government, is pushing her to commit more crime. If she knows that she has committed any crime, then, she can’t escape punishment, she must be ready to accept the blow that is hers.