16.03.2023 Feature Article

What a fine gentleman Mr Azuma Nelson is!

What a fine gentleman Mr Azuma Nelson is!
16.03.2023 LISTEN

The first encounter with anyone is very important. It gives you impression about him or her.

I had, or have heard about the Ghanaian former world superfeather weight boxing champion Azuma Nelson.

However, little did l know about what a nice, humble, respectable and respectful gentleman he is until our public interaction or encounter recently at his mum's funeral in Accra.

How such a boxing icon of international fame is a down to earth person, chat heartily with persons society may class as ordinary poor people, was amazing to me.

I wish many a Ghanaian rich, famous and popular person could be like Mr Nelson Azuma in characterwise as to seeing and treating any ordinary person as a human being worthy of their respect and recognition.

I pray his humbleness becomes emulative not only to his family but the Ghanaian society at large, to help heal wounds and cement us together as one nation and a people with a common destiny.

I have come to see him as the wise ant biblically recommended to be consulted when one lacks wisdom but needs wisdom.

I tip my hat to Mr Nelson Azuma for being such a humble person giving respect to whom respect is due.

May he grow from strength to strength in all his endeavours to giving recognition and respect to people for simply being human beings, in the greater interest of harmonious society building.

Rockson Adofo
Thursday, 16 March 2023