15.03.2023 Feature Article

Poverty destroys African families

Poverty destroys African families
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When Germany became a Democracy family and human values its protection and development were put into systems. Even under Emperor Wilhelm II and his Chancellor Otto Fuerst von Bismark the Social Protection laws were passed still the basis of our German pension scheme among others.

When Africa like the country of Ghana gained independence Social Security systems were not on their priority list even known to their leaders and elite how important they are to developing inclusive and progressive forms of democracy.

Solidarity in society that allows individuals' personal progress while being protected in uncertain times with basic needs is the pillar of economic society fortune. The concept of the USA in contrast to the ideas and values of old Europe works as innovative minds support the call of the Declaration of Independence to strive for personal happiness despite the lack of good social systems. Communism or the Scandinavian way believes and functions by high taxes.

For e.g. 30% of taxpayers pay taxes therefore the system is not inclusive nor sufficient in times of need. Unemployment benefits, work-related accidents, or unable to carry out the trained for original job, offer for job qualification and rehabilitation is not in the system as much as not in the minds of a responsible elite. The lack of a generation's vision for transforming impoverished societies into a glorious future is the key problem.

Africans forced to leave the born into habitat are mostly not well-qualified for the international labor market. Once in a foreign land, they struggle with language, acceptance, and building a brighter future. The blood in their hearts and brains is tied to their home and their roots. They send money to Africa on how much they can afford. Their family members will never understand nor often appreciate the support sent back home. Instead, the Africans abroad become the "asshole" of the family as the African family is constantly convinced their relative abroad can always do better blaming him or her for their suffering in the misery in the nation caused by the government.

Ghana depends heavily on the outside support of family members. Annually $ 3 Billion hit the country to keep it moving and political stable and in check. Internally the relationship between family members changes as abroad-living sons and daughters are increasingly expected to cover most living expenses back in Africa. Unjustified pressure is put on the more fortunate family members abroad. Heated blood, confusion, and anger are the unwanted consequences.

While the "Good people" among the white societies praise and trumpet the solidarity among blacks compared to their own society they are dreaming a pink dream of hallucination as the systems they have developed are a clear and better sign of solidarity.

The poverty of mind, lack of ideas and systems in collaboration with economic mismanagement drive African families apart.