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Truth versus Flattery: From Intentions to Effects

Truth versus Flattery: From Intentions to Effects

In a world of intelligence, truth, and kindness ; questionable people claim 'Truth is subjective', but I believe human intelligence and human kindness are more subjective or debatable than truth. Even if you happen to be among those who believe Truth is subjective, then what percentage of Truth or types of Truth you consider subjective, absolute, undeniable, etc? Is it not funny that they never claim lies, intelligence, or kindness, is subjective? Ideally, the topic could have been truth versus lies, but why did we choose flattery? Because flattery is essentially sweet lies, insincere words to make someone or some people temporarily feel good for nothing or something in return. The long term effects of flattery can be very dangerous, but its short term effects may or may not be dangerous . Truth I believe to be similar in positive sense, except to those who reject truth. The intentions of the truthful ones are sincere and more caring in deeper sense. The intentions of flatterers can be good or bad , but the effects are often bad, especially in the long term.

A fairly smart person, Mr. Fyodor Dostoevsky, reportedly said, 'Nothing in this world is harder than speaking truth, nothing easier than flattery'. Although not perfectly captured, I will give him a B or B+, then will later show you what I consider A or A+ in contrasting truth versus flattery. His focus was on words and around average person or worse, but actions and great people exist, just hard to find. Sweet truth exists if you are lucky to be around those who value truth , but the term 'hard truth' is more popular because Truth tends to either rectify a norm that is somehow unjust and those being rectified cannot often see the truth is like a saviour to all who may accept truth. Some Elevating truth may not necessarily be against any form of injustice, but futuristic to the blind, thus may seem impossible or unnecessary to some. Part of Truth can be intelligence, or opposing ignorance; another part of Truth can be kindness, or opposing cruelty. There is an African (wollof) saying that says, 'The lie that mends is better than the truth that destroys'. I totally or largely disagree with the saying, because lies, acceptance of lies, or rejection of truth is what destroys, not truth. Also lies tend to temporally mend, but the destruction of lies in short or long term can be huge. People who lean on emotions tend to over value flattery, and rational people who lean on mental will value Truth as means to highest kindness .

Whereas a sweet lie may be better than hard and other types of lies, the lying world is very dangerous , including flattery. Have you ever 'benefited' from flattery or ever flatter? Very likely. Even as an adult, you may think you can receive flattery , identify it, welcome it, and control your self? The honest truth is you cannot stop people from flattering with you, but do not welcome it much or it may get into your head and affect you later in ways you never expect. I often joke, that God should treat me like a child, but I do not think even God should flatter us, I prefer a sincere caring God. Then should you and I confess where we flatter, by how much, and why? If we flatter for good or bad, don't we deserve similar in multiplication? Well, I do flatter my nieces than nephews or is it exactly 50/50 for you? If I spend more time with my nieces then both the truth and flattery may be more to nieces or nephews? At what age and type of flattery children need , if any, and when to wean them? We wean them from milk, or should we wean boys and girls at different age on flattery? Indeed, children know very well they are physically and emotionally weaker, and failure is hard. So if my youngest niece struggle with her sisters in competition, I may flatter her and teach her truthfully in many other ways. When her grandmother tries to over cater for her weakness, I may say she is a big girl now, she will not cry over little things. Essentially, 'good' people may flatter in fear , but flatter can build wrong courage or arrogance. So avoid flattery even with children, but which feminists or xyz use the term women and children, women and children, women and children? I suspect they imply women cannot grow, or focus on the lowest, not average or greatest women? I avoid flattery with women, rich folks, politicians, etc. They should take truth, so that the truthful one helps us truthfully with higher and highest kindness, not flatter us in words or deeds.

Person to person: Of course, every evil man knows flattery can appeal to the arrogant women, and she may open her legs or xyz for you if you flatter her enough, but will she regret down the road? Or will God act after, over flattery? A u.s prisoner flatters a married female prison guard until she started an adulterous relationship and tried to help him escape. She reportedly said, 'he makes her feel like a woman '. The intentions and effects of that personal flattery is just an example to study. Evil men or xyz will appeal to evil or questionable women through fear, like rape threats; through greed, like bribery; through arrogance, like flattery. African praise singers are perhaps the first to flatter among humans, and do women or men support them more than they support me or xyz, or donate to research and development? Do animals or jinns flatter? Do you know the roots of evil are fear, greed, and arrogance beyond sex , gender, race, or species? May God help us more than we try to sincerely help people.

Private Person to a group Flattery example: Mr. Tyler Perry is a multi millionaire or billionaire, who was reportedly single the last time I knew. Like me, He couldn't find a woman to call wife, not black, White, Arab, etc. Yet still, his 2023 international women's day message was flattery to black women, not all women? He essentially said, ' success or failure was dependent on black women '. Then in his other award acceptance video, he claims how intelligent women or black women are while they gossip around him, as a child? Imagine if Tom Cruise or someone said similar about white women, how will America+ react? Will a female actor+ flatters one gender/race, or rather brag as woman? We must understand all groups exist as test, so we cannot be good or bad because of our gender, race, country, or even species as humans. So you should be very careful if any is flattering with your group. Jinns are better than humans, humans are better than animals, women are better than men have vague dangerous tendencies.

Yes, the groups have average leanings, but are you average in good or bad? There are many blacks who are smarter, more truthful, more kind than whites or xyz, but where is our average can be misleading if you focus on mainstream media or narrowly interpret. We have seen women who physically beat men, so average is sometimes useless. Women are beautiful is true to what level, yet millions of ugly women exist? I may be better than average jinns, at least in some aspects of character. Some animals are better than some humans in some aspects of character. Flattery is not just easy to say, receiving it is easier or easiest. He did not say nothing against men or white women, at least not directly. Many foolish black women may believe him or go see his movie next time, 'he likes us'? Beside the inability or unwillingness to find one good woman as wife, why is he not donating one billion or xyz million dollars to good projects like 'over billion edible trees for Africa ', or something greater? Why not urge buying or donate body cameras to women+ to catch the bad men+ with evidence than claims of gossip? Flattery is enough or bigger to some?

Politicians to groups: Politicians do lot of flattery to the so called minority groups like LGBTQ, women, blacks, etc. Again, because emotions are basic, even animals welcome sweet emotions, they are more universal. Ms. Maya Angelou reportedly said, 'people will always remember how you make them feel', bad or good? She also said , 'many white women can drop their panties and shout rape after'. Indeed the percentage may be higher in white women then and/or now, but how many black women are copying them to confessions beyond the Duke University rape claimed that was never... Just because people remember feelings does not mean we worship their feelings or stop speaking truth. Appealing to the minds or mental aspects of people is risky as Truth, appealing to the emotions of people is saver until truth comes then you will have to try to censor? When Obama was running for office in the Primaries, he told us he was much better than Ms. Clinton and how many women? He choose who he deems fit as running mate, not based on gender. He told us Ms. Sarah Palin was not good enough. After winning the presidency, he once claimed, 'women are great leaders'. That is flattery, leadership is not about gender, but characteristics that are open to all. He said it for votes, to sell books, etc. Then while campaigning for Ms. Clinton against Trump , he flatters: 'Ms. Clinton is more qualify than Mr. Clinton and even me Obama, as president'. Where is the evidence of more qualify? He said or flatters, he 'have confidence in the American people' to vote Clinton instead of Trump. Well, Clinton got more votes , but was Obama disappointed by Americans, the system failed, or the flattery failed? Then he said, he 'would have beat Trump ', which implies ms. Clinton did what and what wrong? Of course, there can be countless examples of political flattery, but we choose Obama because he is perhaps the most celebrated politician of our time and may be the most truthful one, despite his intolerable lies and flattery. The speech that propelled Obama politically includes term like , 'there is no black America, no White America...', but he eventually admitted it was flattery or wishful words? Let there be no more black or white America would have been most appropriate, but it would have raised questions he was not ready for? Beyond race, u.s have serious sexism and nationalism mindset problems, words (flatter), and actions to rectify, especially on laws and policies.

The oldest form of flattery is 'God bless us to do evil or deceive other feeling creatures'? Exceptionalism. Women in Africa claimed it until Arabs and Whites raped them to get Tyler Perry+ to flatter them... Racism or slavery claimed similar, but how cursed are you if you raped a black woman versus the one she happily gives it up for? Animals to humans may seem as blessing, but I rather fly with machine or manual wings than ride on a horse or donkey? Eating meat or fish may seem as blessing, but knowledge and access to enough highly blessed plants are higher blessings to seek... My point is there is questionable blessing or kindness at times. Deception may include some form of intelligence, but real High intelligence should be free of deception. Truth is if black women or women were as intelligent as flattered, then no suffering will touch them. Then 'intuition' or real intelligence will make them run on time from bad men and flattery.

Challenge to Feminists: A big percentage of the arguments by feminists surrounds around money, courage, and some aspects of intelligence, but life is much bigger. If we truly want to raise or help women or humans, we help them squarely and with truth. Intelligence without truth is dangerous, similarly is kindness without truth.

Which Gender, race, or xyz is more free of fear, greed, and arrogance is likely the higher gender or xyz. Then which gender, race, or xyz is more intelligent , truthful, and kind can be many branches? It is relatively easy to claim many more women than men have bachelors or masters degree, but thinking have many branches like fields of studies, and is very hard to compare. Then being ready to accept new or better things is indeed part of learning or intelligence. Which Gender is more truthful about sex can be a lengthy debate, but is truth on sex the only choice to gauge truthfulness? Kindness on money and sex are vital , but how many other types of kindness exist and should be sought? Sexual cruelty, sexual indifference, sexual stupidity, and sexual what exist? If they flatter you or even truthfully empower you on one and you over focus on that one, then you will be one eye in the mind or between the legs? Oops! Are you arrogant Jarga, remember the Quran says believing men and believing women, so avoid jokes they may misinterpret like flattery or hatred of whole gender? How many nice things have you ever heard about men on western media compare to women? May be it benefited a woman and they wanted it repeat? How many evil choices against men have you heard? Well, worry less , the women+ you try to save from pain , the roots and branches of evil may benefit, or the Lord of man and woman may still pay. May God bless us totally through Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
Whereas truth versus flattery is beyond gender, the world sadly thinks men should be told truth or hidden from beneficial truth , then women should be flattered and cannot take certain truth? I think it then becomes a bait against women or an implicit admission or claim that women are inferior, like children? Conscience and the Quran, plus experience help me to understand even girls can accept truth if Well explained with hope. My favorite niece when she barely spoke used to come to my door, calling me when I was relaxing or sleeping. Rather than ignore her or rage, God gave me the courage to talk to her and she complied. Oh! How cruel are you Jarga or your niece is super special? Well, truth versus flattery on my niece and all your children? At what age do we flatter children before they learn to flatter us and flatter who else to normalisation? Our driver once maliciously flatter my niece with, 'she is brave, she can chew moringa seeds'. Once she tried it and discover it was far from sweet, she throws it out and said 'I don't care about being brave, I will never take this again.' Many things we rightly or wrongly teach children, directly or indirectly. When I am joking with the mum, she can tell if I am joking or flattering her. One time, I found her mum pounding in traditional way, and I told the mum I think you learned this from your daughter, my precious niece, the little girl just looked at me and knows it is too much for her... of course that is closer to joke than flattery and now that she is about seven years, I am weaning her from flattery, so which bigger women may expect flattery from me? I pray not to flatter, but may I explain where need be.

We sadly make people addicted to questionable things like flattery, but we should be careful. The west have a saying, 'boys should be bullied, girls pampered', both can be dangerous.

Even in religion, focus on believe as belief, then focus on facts, facts, and facts as per ch.103 and conscience. If there is any good in flattery, then how little and will fall under good deeds, but when and where will you proceed to 'exhort each other to Truth and patience '? The Genders are both blessed in some ways, so no need to claim one is higher in choices, which ultimately matters than power. Here again, the west keep reminding women 'girl power', but how to use that power is the choice to be judged towards reward or punishment. Their riches, political power, beauty, etc will not be able to benefit themselves, much less you, when God decides even on earth. Do not put down each other, but humbly accept truth; do not over praise one or each other, it can lead to arrogance.

A child can receive flattery at what age , so receiving flattery is easier than giving it. A child can be truthful or receive truth in gradual manners, but at what age will s/he says 'no more truth', only more money or flattery? Actually, the children are often wean from truthful expressions through fear+, then introduced to flattery, sometimes with pressure. Indeed, admitting truth is harder than speaking truth, but even admitting truth can be very easy, especially when highly blessed. The truth is our mutual friend, so hang on to it, enjoy the kindness it comes with and patiently seek any higher kindness to be revealed. You will meet the women or xyz of heaven, or they will find you there. Alongside the souls of the caring children ? Humility is why I prefer children over many women and how many a man? For now , enjoy and seek what you should, can, and want.

Mainstream media also flatter many groups, especially women and LGBTQ. For example, Christiana Amanpour of CNN runs a clip that says, 'women are the future'. Can you imagine anyone repeatedly saying, 'men, whites, or Muslims are the future ' on TV, what outrage you will get? Is it wishful or evil desire to wipe out men, or just another vague flattery? Many a women are indoctrinated to be ungrateful to good men , focus on the evil men, and do or say what to the evil women? Love for Praises lead to flattery, hatred for criticism or truth lead to censorship... So all the so called groups must eventually understand there are only two significant groups: conscientious and unconscientious . You can have conscientious men and women; conscientious Muslims, Christians, and beyond; conscientious blacks, whites, and beyond, etc. Of course the groups will have different levels of conscientious versus unconscientious. You can help the willing through truth, not through flattery .

Flattery as kindness or diplomacy: Individuals who flatter to weaker ones may claim to be kind, but weak ones who flatter are often seeking something. Many African leaders will choose Flattery over Truth when dealing with leaders of rich countries. President Adama Barrow once publicly told president Xi of China that 'Gambia's relationship with Taiwan was a mistake'. God sees the reason he utters such word, but he was literally flattering or apologising for a choice he did not do and was 'rectified' by his predecessor for good or financial reasons. The Gambia was once part of Senegal in very similar ways as Taiwan was part of China. Taiwan choose 'Truth' or efforts, while the Gambia is choosing flattery until when?

God is the teacher of conscience, so those who reject God or too attached to their religions, cultures, or government's interest will likely fail or not go very high. We all should strive for that direct link with the God of conscience, or at least closely seek the conscientious... Although, it is important to help others, especially the children, we must understand our responsibilities to confront the unconscientious ones where need be. I wish my surrounding was just with highly conscientious folks, but we may need to work on that through teaching and teaching the hard way those who arrogantly reject truth. May the Lord of realization help us sincerely, never flatter us... May God give us victories upon victories even here on earth.

Optional note 2:
Flattery is ignoring should and can , then focus on what s/he wants to hear. 'Hey girl, you are the most beautiful girl in the world.' Well, if I have not met even one percent of the world, how can I know or why should she believe me? The most beautiful ones hardly compete in beauty contests and within how many years will higher beauty over throw current crowns, or our subjective understanding of beauty may change? Then even if you temporarily succeed through flattery, the character tests between creatures can be very challenging on greed and arrogance. It is often very puzzling how beautiful women struggle in relationships. Is the problem with the most beautiful women or the bad to worst of men are sent to them? Even prophets can get bad women, or why did God allow such on his 'chosen' ones? Why did she bless her with so much beauty to be the wife of a bad ', Pharoah' , who may beat her physically or mentally towards her prayer for a rescue? You doubt religion or God, why do billionaires or people with all sort of degrees cannot see s/he will be bad to run before marriage?

Well, love is a hard test, or why I cannot find love as a truthful one, avoiding flattery? When I totally wean my niece from flattery, will she seek it from other men and thinks the one who flatters the most is best? Should I be blamed even I educate her how dangerous flattery can be and when will I get paid or complete gifts for the countless truth I shared with her and the world? The world of products and services are indeed many to seek happiness from, instead of flattery. Even the free products and services nature offers, plus reasonable learning and working may be enough. Since words of Truth or confronting words of flattery can lead to sanctions, then our test is a hard test until the God of Truth squarely becomes God of Kindness with and towards us. If Tyler Perry ever dated enough black women, he knows damn well that all black women are not great. How many black women are guilty of fear, greed, and arrogance can only be through estimation, but certainly in the millions. How many white women are guilty like Amber Heard or xyz, or why were black men so guilty to produce women of different races to favor by race than character? If black women are the first women to exist, then let them compete their daughters of other races in character, not just on beauty, welcoming flattery from questionable 'blessed' folks, and never reject truth in mutual exchange. Patience will tell us which gender or race of women will be more in heaven or hell, and even mighty marijuana have some evil women and men in it until when? Africa or which country dare claim they have only good women or men? I sure want intelligent women, but even more I want truthful and kind women+.

It is the lying men+ that destroy the mindset of girls and women; but it is the truthful men+ who build or rectify mindsets of all, remake them virgins, at least mentally. Tyler Perry is not any more blessed than I am, except in financial riches until when? My crime is freeing more Black American men than the praised mothers who brought them for good or questionable reasons. The u.s or Europe is not blessed than Africa, except in man made riches until when? Places and people are different though, many Americans and Europeans may be worse or better than millions of Africans in learning, working, fun, flattery, truth, etc. There are things we encourage or discourage for reasons, because of probabilities or even certainties. Possibilities are endless, because even alcohol did many good, from money making and needed one night-stands to sometimes marriages of love than marriages of dowry? Some medicines have alcohol in it, with or without flattery, but are enough great plants not higher? Access to knowledge will be shared sincerely or how; access to work is the test of Tyler Perry+, access to fun is the Character I am tested with? I will take happiness over pain any day, but joyful work that pays financially without harming others can sometimes be harder than finding sex or love. Through Ch.103, I discover having faith in God's existence is the easiest part of human test; then good deeds of minor learning and working is relatively easy and hard. Speaking truth (conscientiously) to power is where hardness begins, because you must conquer fear and be ready for possible consequences, to patiently wait until when? Receiving Truth is nice or hard depending on how truthful you were, or how brave you are to share truth or more truth, or how humble you are.

Urging others to have patience is arguably the easiest, except when calling the greedy and arrogant to patiently wait on possible judgment with marijuana or personal rights. Having patience or being urged to have patience on even due reward on words or actions can be easy or hard, depending if God or humans seemingly deny you unnecessarily or for reasons you may not understand. If devils or liars deserve money or work, then the best of people deserve it too... Even though we are arguably happier than billionaires who commit suicide or do/say evil for more money, every day we all use money. So trivialising the importance of money is not something I want to ever do like questionable Bob Marley+. Over valuing money may be worse, as I was guilty of than many a woman, but if countries or heads of state over value money, then blessed are the women and even men who measurably value money. If ignorant, liars, and cruel men or women exist, then who will they be tested with, how long for possible change, before they are put together or separated for final judgment?

You may not have option on whom you are tested with, but you may have option on how you react to the varying levels of choices of partners in and beyond sexual relationships. Prize versus price: Just remember rejecting, defeating, or rightly surviving a bad to worst partner (ways) has a prize, but rejecting or being ungrateful to good to best partner (ways) has a price... May we have prizes through rejection , seeking, and/ or acceptance of great ways.

If learning and fun is every day for me, then why do I frown at God or xyz for refusing me 'work' at the moment? Partly to be more independent or feel more useful; partly to raise my material blessings; partly to help spread the enormous knowledge he bestows on me and many need through humans or directly from him, especially to Children they are misleading. How nice it is to teach two to three children, how much nicer it is to teach millions of children or even adults for money or free of charge? Let me give three to four hours free of charge, but let me work for myself until I can afford giving humankind eight hours or more as retiree. I am fairly young and not rich enough to retire. I am lucky enough to know more than many who reached over hundred years , many who are billionaires or presidents, so failing to speak out will be a huge ingratitude I do not want to be charged with. Also send me a conscientious beautiful woman/women, not just the beautiful women who refuse to speak truth to Tyler Perry+ and run come to me? So blessed me Squarely, Lord of complete or total blessings.

You love her, but those she love you or when will she ever love you? You prefer her than every girl in the neighbourhood, country, or those you see around the world, but does she prefer you exactly or tolerably in differences? Who does she love or can she even start love? If she cannot start love, can she gratefully return love by when compare to her counterparts around the world or even best of animals?

They told her 'every woman deserves love', but does that include the greedy, arrogant, lying, indifferent, or cruel women? Does every man deserves love?

If evil men get love they may never appreciate, then good men may not get love until when. Wipe your tears all you good single men and women, keep trying through the door of truth , not flattery. I do not believe in so called 'courting', begging or love to be begged. Instead of courting, ask questions, but you may say a gender may lie because who said flatter, interest, or kindness is higher than truth? ch. 17:80 'Say, let me enter through the gate of truth, [live in intelligence, truth and kindness], exit through the gate of truth...'. Need I say in and beyond relationship and countries we seek for money or xyz?

If you missed a great entry, then a forgiving or xyz Lord may check how you live and how you want to exit. 'A help from the Lord ', may include marijuana, and you may smile than average money or average sex may give. The best may be content with average, but great is better than average. So give me great marijuana in options, great money, great woman, great sunlight, great garden, great house, and great every good you may bestow without trouble. To unlearn is sometimes very difficult, but once you understand resisting big lies may help you, then resisting small lies , including flattery, may surprisingly reward you than you may expect.

When tempted to flatter, just resist and think deeper, then sweet truth or mild truth may be inspired to make her or xyz happy , mentally elevated, and you may be rewarded bigger than you may expect . Do not be mean, avoid flattery, and be truthful and kind as if you want both from God as bare minimum. May I and my sincere fans prosper in every sense of the word. Hey pretty conscientious women, come to me willingly to my sweet Gambia, including sweet island of Jihnack and bring lot of love, with or without money. Bring and expect truth and kindness, not flattery. May the real God of Truth and kindness help us in deeds, beyond words, and not flatter us.