Let's remember his mother as we bash the military

By Justice A. Newton-Offei
Opinion Let's remember his mother as we bash the military

Some Ghanaians have developed a propensity to kill personnel of our security services, over just trivial issues.

A uniformed person bearing an insignia of the coat of arms, literally, is untouchable in the course of on or off duty.

As a matter of fact, no Ghanaian has the right to kill anybody, when one's life is not in clear imminent danger.

Indeed, as a viable State, we can't allow pockets of neighbourhoods to degenerate into total no-go areas.

Ghana, we all have come to appreciate the fact that some areas, over the years, are notorious for criminal acts.

Some of us weren't that mature in 1979 but we remember deadly reign of chorkor spanner, German cargo etc.

These were societal misfits brazenly terrorising innocent Ghanaians whom J.J Rawlings dealt with.

They declared enclaves in Accra and Ashaiman no-go areas, and Rawlings chased them in military helicopters.

Now, when the 21-year-old military personnel was brutally murdered in Ashaiman, it didn't make the headlines.

But the moment his colleagues strike, the media rushed there in droves, and MP for the area started talking.

I, indeed, wonder if our MPs would've mentioned this incident on the floor if the military hadn't acted.

We all wondered why Maj Mahama didn't kill to save his life. But had he, we would've accused him of overreacting.

The point is this: if some miscreants in a community choose to kill uniform men, they'll risk inviting pure anger.

Oftentimes, such criminals are well-known within the community but for some reason, we don't give them up!!

A very young lad with his whole future ahead of him has been killed by miscreants in such a dastardly manner!!!

And as we're busy condemning the military for the unfortunate excesses, we must pray for the disconsolate mother.