08.03.2023 Press Statement

UNAGH celebrates 2023 International Women’s Day

By Emmanuel Owusu || Contributor
Catherine Blavo Lotsu Mrs - Women Affairs Manager, United Nations Association - GhanaCatherine Blavo Lotsu (Mrs) - Women Affairs Manager, United Nations Association - Ghana
08.03.2023 LISTEN

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we recognize the need to embrace equality for continued efforts to achieve gender equality in all aspects of life, including innovation and technology. Innovation and technology have the potential to drive progress and transform lives, but we must ensure that their benefits are equally accessible to all, regardless of gender.

Despite progress in recent years, women remain underrepresented in STEM fields, which limits their opportunities for leadership and innovation. We must work to address this gender gap by promoting equal access to education and training, removing barriers to entry, and increasing representation of women in leadership positions in tech.

At the same time, we must ensure that technology and innovation are designed with gender equality in mind. This means incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences into the design and development process, recognizing and addressing the biases and discriminatory algorithms that can perpetuate gender inequality, and prioritizing the development of technologies that benefit all members of society, including women and girls.

The United Nations Association of Ghana (UNAGH) would like to call on governments, tech companies, and civil society to work together to promote innovation and technology for gender equality. This requires sustained investment in education and training for women and girls, as well as the development and implementation of policies and practices that ensure equal access and opportunities in the tech industry.

By embracing innovation and technology as tools for gender equality, we can create a more just and inclusive society that benefits everyone, regardless of gender.

Catherine Blavo Lotsu (Mrs)
Women Affairs Manager
United Nations Association - Ghana