Agona West, Gomoa Central celebrate this year's Independence Day Anniversary

By Benedict Kweku Nkrumah || Contributor
Regional News Agona West, Gomoa Central celebrate this year's Independence Day Anniversary
MAR 8, 2023 LISTEN

Agona West Municipal Assembly and the Gomoa Central District Assembly last Monday joined Ghanaians to celebrate this year's 66th Independence Day celebration at Agona Swedru and Gomoa Afransi respectively.

Agona West Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Evans Addison Coleman in his address saluted heroes both known and unknown who fought for Ghana's Independence. He mentioned the likes of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. J. B Danquah, Arko Adjei, Obestebi Lamptey, William Ofori Atta, Edward Akufo Addo and Paa Grant as those who deserve to be appreciated.

The MCE also salute students, teachers, labourers, market women, drivers, doctors, nurses, artisans and everything Ghanaian past and present who contributed and continue to contribute to the growth and development of Ghana.

"Many were those who shed their blood for our Independence and we salute their memory for their selfless dedication to giving life to Ghana.

"The journey has not been an easy one, we have gotten this far through our collective determination and we must not relent in our efforts to move forward in the right direction as we strive to build a prosperous Ghana.

"Today is the day to celebrate the values that have sustained us over the years. It is also the time to celebrate the very essence of our Ghanaian heritage and the things that have not only defined us as a people, but also inspired countless numbers across the world.

"This day continues to be a constant reminder that with determination and hard work, there is nothing we cannot achieve as a people united in pursuit of a common purpose.

"This year's theme could not have come at a better time than now. Ghana is generally a country of peace, unity and hospitality. This has been fostered mainly by the good nature of our wonderful people and our collective resolve to allow for democracy and the rule of law to shape our national lives.

"At no point in time should we take the peace we are enjoying for granted. Our fallen heroes and founding fathers toiled to give us this dear nation and we dare not destroy what they have strived to build," the MCE cautioned.

Hon. Evans Addison Coleman concluded that education is the key that will open the doors of future opportunities.

"The future belongs to you ( the Youth), be it in the area of medicine, law, engineering or entrepreneurship, education is key that will unlock your potential and equip you with the capacity to take control of your destiny. It is important that you work hard and set educational goals for yourself.

"Teachers have a responsibility to inspire you, parents have a responsibility of making sure you stay on track by providing your educational needs, government has the responsibility to set high educational standards by supporting teachers to give off their best, as well as providing the right atmosphere for teaching and learning.

"At the end of the day, if you have the best teachers, have the most supportive parents, have a government that invest heavily in education and you do not take advantage of the opportunities available to you, you will fail to benefit from the talents and potential God has given to you. Remember there is no shortcuts in life. Hard work pays," Hon. Addison Coleman admonished the youth.

Similarly, the Gomoa Central District Chief Executive, Hon. Benjamin Kojo Otoo lamented over the uncultured lifestyle of most of the youth in the District.

According to him, recent academic records state that girls were performing better in education than boys in the Gomoa Central District.

Later in an interview with newsmen at Gomoa Afransi soon after the 66th Independence Day celebration, Hon. Benjamin Kojo Otoo lamented over the rather high rate at which some of the youth had taken to drug addiction and other anti-social activities.

He noted that the government was committed to investing in the youth in order to build the critical mass that will not only sustain the development agenda but more importantly move it to higher heights.

"For example, the Free Senior High School policy was introduced to give every Ghanaian child irrespective of social status, the opportunity to attain at least a secondary education.

"I will therefore appeal to Nananom, religious leaders, Civil Society groups and stakeholders to collaborate with the Gomoa Central District Assembly and the security agencies to eradicate these antisocial activities which also affect peace and stability in the various communities in the district," he stressed.