Internet Safety Advocate, Onadipe Warns Users About The Dangers Of Internet Addition

By Rotimi Onadipe
Technology Internet Safety Advocate, Onadipe Warns Users About The Dangers Of Internet Addition
MAR 7, 2023 LISTEN

Internet users all over the world have been warned about the danger of using it excessively. The founder and publisher of internet safety magazine, Rotimi Onadipe gave the warning on Saturday March 4, 2023 during his weekly broadcast to sensitise internet users about internet safety.

Onadipe noted that we all face internet temptations every day, adding that no one is immune to internet addiction due to our daily online activities e.g. chatting with friends or family, watching videos, playing games online, applying for jobs through the internet, making payment for goods and services online, among others.

The cyber safety advocate said, "There is no doubt that we all enjoy the advantages of the internet almost every day but we must also be reminded about the danger it poses to our lives and society when we become addicted to it.

"Internet addiction is a growing problem in our society of today. It is having dangerous effects on many people irrespective of age, sex, tribe, religion, location or academic qualification.

"In my counseling experience as an internet safety expert over the years, I have discovered that internet addiction can lead to isolation from friends and family, loss of memory, headache, backache, sleeplessness, eye diseases, academic failure among students, addiction to pornographic materials, among others.

"Be informed that internet addiction is real and you must do whatever you can to avoid becoming a victim. Don't wait until your addiction to your smartphone or internet becomes uncontrollable. If you notice any sign that you are getting addicted to the internet or social media, seek professional help immediately," Onadipe added.