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Sunyani Krontihene to sue traditional council over alleged illegalities

Sunyani Krontihene to sue traditional council over alleged illegalities
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The suspended Krontihene of the Sunyani Traditional Council (STC), Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa-Amponsem, has threatened to take legal action against the council.

According to him, he is the substantive Kontirehene of Sunyani, therefore the STC's request for a different person from the same Krontire family to represent them (Krontire family) at the Council was illegal and culturally unacceptable.

The STC at its sitting on Friday, March 3, 2023 accepted one Mr. Boye Boahen, from the Krontire family in Sunyani as a massenger and representative of the Kontire family at the Council.

Addressing a news conference at his palace in response to that, Oboa-Aman Boa-Amponsem stated "what the STC has done is against the Sunyani stool and illegal."

"What they have done implies they have distooled me and enstooled a new Krontihene, and I would take this matter up."

Oboa-Aman Boa-Amponsem said "I was unlawfully suspended by the STC including all my subjects (the entire Krontire family), therefore under no circumstances should one from the same family be secretly called as Krontire representative without the concern of the substantive Kontirehene".

He emphasized, "I have not offended anybody, therefore I would pursue this case with the laws of Ghana and go back to the STC".

"I would tell Sunyani history to the whole world and would never discard the history of Kontire, my heritage," Oboa-Aman Boa-Amponsem added.

Richard Kofi Boahen
Richard Kofi Boahen

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