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Mahama Has Nothing New To Offer Ghanaians

By Christian Anefor
Mahama Has Nothing New To Offer Ghanaians

You were voted as an Assemblyman, MP, appointed as a deputy Minister later became a substantive Minister of state, you became the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and finally the President.

What again do you have to offer after holding all these positions?

He (John Mahama) talks about experience. Is it that experience he has in corruption, incompetent, inept attitude, bad governance or what?

I entreat him to read Mark 9:50, where the Holy Bible averred that, salt is good; but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again?

The former president has lost his salt qualities as a politician and leader, there is no any amount of trained propaganda or political eloquence that will help him gain it again in the sight of the ordinary Ghanaian he once alluded to be a "dead goat" when their concerns needed to be addressed.

We now have retentive memories, if you think indeed Ghanaians are people with short memories.

Is it the cancellation of Teachers Trainees allowance, Nursing Trainees allowance, Arabic instructors allowance, high rate of unemployment, corruption, introduction of utility payment system at the universities halls, payment of utility bills at the hospitals or probably his inability together with his running mate who was the then Minister for Education to procure common chalks for teachers that qualified him to be an experienced candidate to the level headed Ghanaian voters?

The level of inconsistency in your own statements as a former president is dangerous for your second coming should we make mistake to vote for you as the president of Ghana again which God forbid.

You are soo desperate for power to the extent that you think come 2024 elections is all about "Do or Die" elections.

May Ghanaians be saved.
Christian Anefor
#Media and Publicity
NPP Oti Regional Youth Wing.
#NUGS Male Politician of the year 2022.

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