We are tired; stop the imposition of Bawumia on us in our various constituencies — NPP Polling Station Executives

Press Release We are tired; stop the imposition of Bawumia on us in our various constituencies — NPP Polling Station Executives
MAR 7, 2023 LISTEN

From all indications, it would be the biggest mistake, if we allowed ourselves to be misled by some few self-seeking Party officers that, it is only Bawumia who can help us break the 8, it's a big lie and must not be heeded.

Bawumia has had the opportunity to become the Party's Vice Presidential candidate for 4 conservative times because of the trust Ghanaians, the Party and we, the Polling Station Executives who form the base of the Party’s grassroots have continuously had in him but now what do we see.

He was always talking on the economy and making Ghanaians and the Party believe that he had the magic wand that could help change the fortunes of this Country's economy but after getting the opportunity he has rather run the Party’s bragging right of being the best manager of the economy into disaster and shame.

Ghanaians have specifically completely lost hope in him, and so, if, out of fear, we allow some people from the Presidency and some few individuals with self-seeking interests from the Party’s hierarchy to impose him on us, the Party will be doomed in the 2024 general elections.

Ghana and Nigeria share the same Political history, APC led by President Buhari came to power in 2016 whiles NPP was also in power from 2017, and now if APC has been able to win for the 3rd consecutive time to break the 8 at Nigeria because they rejected the President's choice who is the Vice President, then, the NPP party should take a cue from them and replicate same.

It, in furtherance goes on to mean that, the NPP party can also break the 8 with a new person aside the Vice President, and so, if we out of fear make a mistake by heeding and succumbing to the threats, intimidations and influence of some few self seeking national and regional Chairmen, Constituency executives and MPs to vote for Bawumia completely against our will, then we would have cheaply sold out our 2024 victory to the NDC who have nothing meritorious to offer Ghanaians, and the Party would pay dearly for failing Ghanaians.

It is only the NPP party that can change the fortunes of this Country, so let's not fail the many Ghanaians who believe in the Party, but rather, let's learn something from our fellow patriots in Nigeria, APC party so we break the 8 in 2024.

When its time for us to choose our Presidential candidate, let's choose someone Ghanaians believe in and not the one some few self seeking leaders attempt to imposed on us.

Association of National Polling Station Executives is a group who are fearless and have the progress of the Party deeply at heart. The group comprises of a mixture of over ten thousand (10,000) polling station executives and electoral coordinators across the Country with a membership of a mixture of not less than forty (40) polling station executives and electoral coordinators in each of the two hundred and fifty-seven (257) constituencies across the Country.

God bless Ghana and NPP party.

Association of NPP National Polling Station Executives (ANANPOSE)

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