Sun, 05 Mar 2023 Feature Article

Captain Smart must stop his bravado but unprofessional journalism

Captain Smart must stop his bravado but unprofessional journalism

Sorry, but as it is in the land of the blind one-eyed man is king, so also is it that in a country teeming with people lacking political discernment, one rogue journalist becomes the Almighty.

In Ghana, my country of birth, there is no shred of doubt in the mind of any discerning person that most of their so-called journalists are simply unprofessional, indeed, rogues pursuing their selfish parochial interests and devious political agenda.

One out of a hundred Ghanaian journalists can be said to be professional with the rest being a bunch of ignoramuses portraying themselves as journalists.

Without wasting our precious time, let me state to Ghanaians that programme presenter Captain Smart on Onua TV is not a journalist by the ethics of the profession but a complete insolent rogue presenting himself as a journalist.

I can hardly understand those Ghanaians who adore Captain Smart for being a bold journalist.

Is boldness the only quality required of a journalist? What about fairness, credible investigations into stories before presenting them to the public, impartial dissemination of information, etc.?

If the law enforcement of Ghana is that weak and stinky to allow for rogues to sit on TV and in FM stations to spew insults and lies about their leaders and people as much as they like, does that make them bold and credible journalists?

Captain Smart, like many other Ghanaians claiming to be journalists, had travelled abroad and keeps doing so. Does he see or hear of programmes presenters sitting in their stations always insulting the leaders of their countries?

Does he see journalists maliciously lambasting the rivals of their political paymasters without facing libel suits?

Captain Smart and other equally-uncivilised Ghanaian journalists are sickeningly applauded in Ghana for being bold.

Does going on air to discredit your leaders or people without the laws grabbing you for a reason or the other, make you a bold journalist? No!

This Captain Smart guy on Friday, 3 March 2023, applauded former President John Dramani Mahama for promising to abrogate the ex-gratia.

He saw it as a great achievement for John Mahama in his presidential comeback bid.

Have many people not already called for its abrogation? Have other few honest politicians not called for its cancellation?

Had people like Rockson Adofo not published their views calling for its review leading to its total elimination and extinction from.the Ghana Constitution?

What special difference does that of John Dramani Mahama make from.those of others'?

While appreciating and commending former President John Dramani Mahama for his proposal to abolish the unreasonable ex-gratia paid to the parliamentarians, etc., in the same breath and on same platform, he threatened to take the government to the cleaners as from Monday, 6 March 2023.

Does democracy allow for the freedom of disparaging your neighbours or defaming anyone at will without facing defamation lawsuits?

From the way some Ghanaian rogues calling themselves journalists conduct themselves with impunity detrimental to the progress of the country, it would be better if we had a merciless but far-sighted nation/people-loving dictator as the leader.

Captain Smart can pursue his political or selfish interests but not under the pretence of seeking the collective good of Ghanaians.

I pity those Ghanaians who for lack of knowledge and their abundance of sycophancy do adore Captain Smart as a brave journalist.

In which civilised country will Captain Smart and his ilk of mischievous journalists be allowed to carry on like that without being arraigned for defamation of character?

As earlier said, in a nation overflowing with people lacking knowledge, any insulting fool is held in high esteem.

No wonder that Captain Smart is loved by some Ghanaians who look up to him as their role model.

For lack of knowledge in the midst of abundance of lawlessnesses, Captain Smart will also remain a hero in Ghana.

Cry, my beloved country.
Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 5 March 2023