05.03.2023 Letter

Open Letter To Lawyer Martin Kpebu

By Sir Obama Pokuase
Open Letter To Lawyer Martin Kpebu
05.03.2023 LISTEN

Dear Martin Kpebu Esq.,
Salutations and pleasantries from my little abode at No. 345 Baobab Street, Pokuase.

Former President Mahama has described you in very derogatory terms after you harmlessly suggested to him to return/refund his ex-gratia to demonstrate his seriousness/political will to abolish payment of same in the unlikely event that the NDC wins power in 2024.

In the words of Mahama, who, in time past has received large sum of ex-gratia in his capacities as a 3-time former MP; former Vice President and former President, you [Martin Kpebu] are being "SILLY" with your call for a refund of his exgratia, and that as a lawyer, he expected you "to know better."

"Silly" in the Dictionary means "having or showing a lack of common sense or judgement; absurd and foolish." Other synonyms for it include; stupid, brainless, idiotic etc.

In fact, to say that l am deeply hurt by Mr. Mahama's insults on your person will be an understatement. His utterances are reckless, unfortunate and unbefitting of a former President. He has lowered your reputation in the eyes of right-thinking persons in society.

Ghanaians, especially your admirers, knowing how unrelenting and vociferous you are in the legal profession and public advocacy, are yearning for a response to John Mahama's diatribe.

Failure to reply Mahama in disproportionate terms will sort of affirm his tag of you. Don't give the public a reason to lose the confidence they have in you. Go all out and detonate your verbal artilleries! You have no reason to fail, Martin. Fire him now and equally or forever hold your peace.

Your Friend
Sir Obama Pokuase
No. 345 Baobab Street