03.03.2023 Opinion

NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Reasons why ‘Mr. Bocash’ is the best option for Savelugu

By Shareef Suleiman Nimbang
NDC Parliamentary Primaries: Reasons why Mr. Bocash is the best option for Savelugu
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The National Democratic Congress as part of its reorganization process, slated May, 13TH 2023, to elect a flag bearer and parliamentary candidates who will lead the party into the 2024 general elections.

This is aimed at beefing up the NDC’s preparedness to eternally recapture political power and the governing authority from the inept, callous and highly incapable Nana-Bawumia administration of the NPP.

In line with the said process, nomination was opened a week ago by the NDC party for persons desirous of representing their constituents in parliament, to seize the opportunity and initiate such pursuits.

Like the many other constituencies, four personalities have emerged contending for the NDC parliamentary candidacy of the Savelugu constituency in the forthcoming primaries.

Of these personalities, is the man with exceptional intelligence, enviable academic credentials, fantastic interpersonal relationship skills, peerless experience in politics and leadership and extraordinary oratory prowess. His name is Mr. Abdul Mutaru Abukari, known and called affectionately among his peers and within the Umbrella fraternity of the Savelugu constituency as Mr. Bocash,

He surely will be the NDC’s safest bet in the next parliamentary elections as he possesses the intellectual wherewithal to cause a change of the humiliating narrative, under which our Members of Parliament have consistently remained gutless and silent during parliamentary debates. A narrative that stains our dignity in the faces of other constituencies.

Among the plethora of compelling reasons why NDC delegates in Savelugu should make Mr. Bocash the next Parliamentary candidate, is the stupefying patience with which he has followed, served and learnt a great deal from party elders and expert politicians in the Savelugu constituency and beyond, while at the superior service of the NDC at the grassroots for over 20 years, as several times polling agent for the party at elections and most recently, the representative of the NDC at the EC’s strong room in the constituency, during the 2020 general elections.

His days at the National Health Insurance Scheme in Savelugu where he worked as a Manager tells a story of compassion, youth empowerment and unbridled patriotism.

Being a Manager, he(Bocash) orchestrated the successful employment of nine (9) people into the scheme, who till now, are receiving decent salaries as a result. Even without being an MP he has caused the employment of a good number of Savelugu constituents into both public and private organizations like Star Oil Company limited.

But, in spite of these creditable achievements some ill-informed desperados and conscienceless naysayers are, for just political expediency, breaking their backs to sully the hard-earned reputation of the distinguished former manager.

In furtherance of the reasons why you should vote for Mr. Bocash as the next NDC PC, is the colossal amount of financial donations he has been making to the party in the constituency, in both recent and distant past, to take care of social events, maintenance of party vehicle and others.

One other reason that is outstanding is the fact that, Mr. Bocash is the oldest serving member of the party among all those competing for the position, as a result of which, he is more abreast than any other with the sufferings and predicaments of party members and the established conventions and protocols of the party in the constituency.

Unlike his contenders, Mr. Bocash has copious traces in Savelugu.

He can always be traced through his biological relations like his old mother who resides in Savelugu, or through his countless friends or innumerable former students, many of whom have become head teachers, teachers, health workers and media practitioners scattered across the nooks and crannies of the constituency and outside, and who bear undying testimonies about his matchless competence, generosity, strive for perfection and the passion for youth development.

Again, being the competent commoner that he is, Mr. Bocash is neither a descendant of a royal family like the previous former NDC MPs and the current, nor any of his parents ever had the opportunity to serve as an MP or MCE. So, inherent in his personality and interest lies the interest and hope of majority of the constituents who are commoners.

We, as delegates, owe it a duty therefore to uphold the egalitarian principle that underpin the political ideology of the National Democratic Congress by voting massively for the man Bocash to be the NDC’s candidate for the 2024 parliamentary elections, so that confidence and hope can be restored into the party as these commoners who form the majority would have been made to believe that, theirs is not and should not only be a condemnation to suffer for the party without reward and that the MP’s position is not also the reserve of royals or the privileged few.

Shareef Suleiman Nimbang
NDC Secretary
Market Stalls branch, Pong-Tamale
[email protected]
Contact: 0542212821