Mon, 27 Feb 2023 Feature Article

The institutional corruption of the Ghana police is dangerous

The institutional corruption of the Ghana police is dangerous

Empirical observations prove beyond doubt that the Ghana Police is endemically corrupt.

The many or a few bad nuts within the police force have helped to institutionalise corruption within the Ghana police.

The police mounting road barriers at will on the Ghana roads are mostly corrupt beyond description. Most of them are there only to exact bribes from the drivers.

I had, and have, encountered situations where these police are openly accepting bribes from the drivers.

Many a time, I get boiled up and challenge these rogue and unprofessional police officers who are directly involved in, and are encouraging, corruption and its perpetuation in Ghana.

Why are the police on the roads in the first place?

Are they not there for the safety and security of commuters and the nation at large? In so doing, are they not to ensure that drivers have the necessary legal documents covering their vehicles and their cars are in good condition in conformity with mandatory specifications?

If yes, why are the police on the roads not doing exactly what is required of them but simply there taking bribes from the drivers?

Don't get me wrong, some of them are professionals but others are on the roads on intent to taking bribes to illegally enrich themselves.

My recent conversations with a friend in Ghana revealed how some Ghanaians are very much aware of the criminal activities in practice by their community neighbours or those they live with in the same house.

However, they are very scared to pass information on such criminals to the police for the fear of the police revealing their identity to the criminals for reprisals.

Why will such a would-be willing informant refuse to act? Is it not for the distrust they have for police because of their level of corruption and unprofessionalism?

As an armchair-journalist, a preferred teasing- description of me by one Mr Amoah, the husband of Mrs. Gifty Helena Dwamena Amoah, the principal of Mampong Midwifery and Nursing Training College, l have on a number of occasions boldly intervened when come across police taking bribes from drivers.

If a driver's documents are expired, or their cars (vehicles) are in bad condition, will taking bribes and waving them.on solve the problems?

If an armed robber is onboard a bus or in a car, will accepting a bribe from the driver to let them carry on without bothering to check the contents and occupants of the vehicle reveal the true nature or contents of the vehicle?

The Ghana police force like their counterparts in other sister-African countries by their infatuation with corruption are direct contributors to the higher level of lawlessnesses and crimes in such countries.

What do you expect if a whole District Police Commander decides as a habit to repeatedly collect Ghs300.00 from "Pragia" drivers/riders not having a driver's licence?

All Ghanaians can help to wean the police off their disgusting practice of open corruption.

The Police Commissioner on my WhatsApp contact should please take note to act if I happened to send them recordings of police officers taking bribes, especially, that alleged District Police Commander.

Ghana will never prosper while the country abounds in unprofessional police officers, unprofessional lawyers and judges, unprofessional parliamentarians, unprofessional journalists and corrupt politicians and chiefs/kings.

Change in attitudes must come!
Rockson Adofo