I strongly condemn Nayiri's action for enskinning an imposter Bawku Naba — Former Zebilla MP Frank Fuseini Adongo

Headlines Former Zebilla MP Frank Fuseini Adongo condemn Nayiri's actions for enskinning an imposter Bawku Naba
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Former Zebilla MP Frank Fuseini Adongo condemn Nayiri's actions for enskinning an imposter Bawku Naba

Former Member of Parliament for Zebilla and deputy minister for the Upper East Region, Hon Frank Fuseini Adongo has waded into the recent Bawku issues.

He has condemned the illegal enskinment of a rival chief for Bawku, Alhaji Seidu Abagrey by the Overlord of Mamprugu Nayiri Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga describing it as illegal.

In a statement issued and copied to ModernGhana News, the former MP indicated that the onerous act of the Nayiri is flagrant violation of the rule of law that jeopardises the peace and security of the entire Northeast and Upper East Regions.

According to him, the conflict over the Bawku chieftaincy dates back to the 1950s. He indicated that the colonial govemment's Commission of Inquiry determined that Bawku is a Kusaug territory, and the government of the day issued a whitepaper declaring the Kusasis as the rightful owners of Bawku.

"In 1957, the Appeals Court also ruled that Bawku belonged to the Kusasis. The elevation of the first Kusasi Bawku Naba, Abugrago Asigri Azoka I, to the position of paramountcy in 1958 cemented the Kusasi claim to Bawku as the Kusaug Traditional Capital.

"Furthermore, the dispute over the Bawku skin is not limited to Bawku, the Kusaug Traditional Capital. Other administrative districts within the Kusaug Traditional Area include Pusiga, Zebilla, Garu, Tempane, and Binduri, all of which are administered by Bawku, the Kusaug's supreme seat. The Bawku Naba's twenty-five Divisional Chiefs owe allegiance to him and none is Mamprusi," he stated.

He argued that the attempt to impose a Mamprusi as Bawku Naba over such a territory is purely colonial.

Frank Fuseini Adongo added that the Kusasi claim to the Bawku chieftaincy was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in 2003, with Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka Il as the gazetted Bawku Naba.

In spite of this ruling, he stressed that a few Mamprusis in Bawku have refused to accept the status quo, and Nayiri's recent action on February 15th 2023 to enskin a Mamprusi as Bawku Naba is a clear violation of the rule of law and Kusaug sovereign traditions.

This act, according to him, is provoking the Kusaug and will be met with stiff opposition from the Kusaug people.

"The Kusaug have long been known for their reverence for traditions and the rule of law. Nayiri's illegal enskinment of a supposed Chief of Bawku goes against everything the Kusaug Kingdom stands for. This action not only offends the Kusaug Kingdom's traditions and customs but also undermines the authority of the National House of Chiefs, which recognized the current Bawku Naba, His Royal Majesty Zugraana Asigri Abugrago Azoka Il, as the legitimate traditional authority of Kusaug; I therefore strongly condemn the Nayiri's actions and call on all stakeholders, particularly the National House of Chiefs, to work together to find a peaceful and lasting solution," he stated.

Frank Fuseini Adongo, however implored the Kusaug citizens to remain vigilant against any attempt to sow seeds of discord and division among them.

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Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

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