Tech industry needs more investment - Techpreneurs Boss

  Thu, 23 Feb 2023
Technology Tech industry needs more investment - Techpreneurs Boss

The founder of Techpreneurs Union of Ghana, Mr. Isaac Quarcoo has stated that the Ghanaian tech industry requires more investment and attention just like the Ghana music industry.

He made this statement in an interview with Gh Articles TV, where he outlined three strong positive points on why the Ghanaian tech industry has an even better potential for growth than the music industry, especially since today’s music business cannot be separated from tech.

According to Mr Quarcoo, the tech industry has an even better potential to create more jobs than the music industry.

“With the rise of technology, many companies are now leveraging digital tools and solutions to optimize their operations, which has created a high demand for tech-savvy talents. By investing in the tech industry, the country can create more jobs, which will ultimately contribute to the growth and development of the Ghanaian economy”, he noted.

He added that, “Technology is rapidly evolving, and with that comes new and innovative ways to solve problems. By investing in the tech industry, the country can encourage more innovation, which can lead to the development of products and services that can have a positive impact on society. I believe that Ghana has a lot of untapped potential in technology and we need to invest in it to realize its full potential”.

Mr Quarcoo also argued that the tech industry has a higher potential for scalability than the music industry, insisting that, "While the music industry is an important part of the Ghanaian culture, it has limited scalability potential, as it is primarily driven by individual artists and their performances. On the other hand, the tech industry can be scaled up by leveraging the power of digital tools and solutions, which can be easily replicated and distributed globally. This means that investments in the tech industry can have a much larger impact on the Ghanaian economy than investments in the music industry”.

The Techpreneurs boss, who is a huge campaigner for the success of the Ghanaian tech industry, says he is pushing so hard because he believes the tech industry has the ability to create more jobs, drive innovation and has a higher scalability potential. He stressed that the tech industry should be prioritized by investors and policymakers alike.