Christian Atsu: A National Loss

By Daily Guide
Editorial Christian Atsu
FEB 21, 2023 LISTEN
Christian Atsu

The double seismic occurrence which struck Turkey and Syria recently about which news sounded distant was indeed close to us, having claimed the life of one of our own.

Christian Atsu, one of Ghana's top footballers, was one of the victims of the force majeure.

The initial stories, speculations if you like, about his discovery in a hospital were elating but this soon gave way to the reality of what has become of our national star.

Fate, as it has always played on individuals and even countries, did same on this young footballer of international repute.

We join the rest of the country in mourning the loss even as we quickly add that matters about death are some of the things the Omnipotent and Omniscient keeps away from mere mortals like us. Had those who perished in the disaster known what was approaching, they would have relocated.

Surely when death strikes, especially under painful circumstance as in the case of Christian Atsu, being human we must grieve and even shed tears but what else can we do?

We can only pray for the soul of the departed one, being persons who believe in the monotheism and the immeasurable power of the Creator and render support to the bereaved family who feel the loss even more than others.

At this time, his wife and kids need our support most. Thankfully the state has already expressed its willingness to support the internment of the deceased.

The presence of the pallbearers from the Ghana Armed Forces when the remains arrived via a Turkish Airline aircraft on Sunday evening was heartwarming.

The foregone was sufficient signal to the effect that those who serve the country well in all disciplines can count on a reciprocal gesture from the state.

Christian Atsu served this country well. At age 31 he has already etched his name in the register of outstanding Ghanaians in the field of soccer.

With the presence of the Vice President, the Second Gentleman of the country at the airport at the time of the touchdown of the casket-bearing aircraft, there is no denying the fact that there are dividends in serving the state and doing so excellently.

It is during such national moments of loss and grief that the spirit of belongingness to a country called Ghana stands out.

We saw this when the seismic occurrence struck. Ghanaians across ethnic, faith and even political lines posed questions about their compatriots. Where could he be? Was he part of the rescued? These and many other questions were posed by anxious compatriots of the man who today is no more among the living, having joined his ancestors. May his soul rest in peace. The whole country shall surely miss him.