19.02.2023 Feature Article

What We Do In History In Our Time Will Determine Our Next Generation’s Worthiness To Survive

What We Do In History In Our Time Will Determine Our Next Generations Worthiness To Survive
19.02.2023 LISTEN

The very DNA of any life form has in it the past, the present, and is daily preparing a future genetic structure for that life form. Nothing is at rest, everything is in motion, in strife and in struggle, in unity and in harmony in their struggle. The "good" is good because it defeated its bad which served as its springboard to great self development after winning life and death battles. There are winners and losers. Understand this.

The entire universe is in a fight just to live; it is at war and at peace with itself. Anytime a star explodes after developing over 13,000,000,000 years, the entire solar system is destroyed, including the planets where organic life has managed to win its existence. The AIDS virus kills because it disarms the body's natural immune system so that it cannot fight opportunistic invading diseases. Justice fits itself for existence via struggle and victory over injustice, and vice-versa. Material and spiritual will determines the outcome; there is no verified predetermined fate; no gods helping the enslaver to invade and murder the Africans and then helping the Blacks get petty forms of integration into the invader's societies.

Injustice has won out in this material world, in material practice, in the past 2,700 years, because they have shown more will (united with advanced science) to struggle to impose and maintain their slavery and injustice against Africans than Africans have shown for their own freedom and justice. Summarize history. There are winners and losers. Enslaver populations have won; they enslaved over 228 generations of Black populations, stole their land, destroyed their civilizations, and plagiarized their scientific ideas. They won.

Every second, material force meets material force and the aspect that is most prepared, most driven, and has been bequeathed the historical ingredients for success wins out in a life and death struggle. The binary system in computer science, mathematics, meteorology, physics, chemistry, sociology, psychology, government, electrical engineering, biology, and astronomy, all confirm fierce struggles of opposites in material reality. In the social history of human interaction, there are those who do what is necessary to win, even if it is for injustice; and there are those who do not do what is necessary to win even if it is for justice. Being just does not guarantee anything. Oppressors rule the world because the oppressed have not fitted themselves in struggle to end their oppression.

These are issues of the heart. They do not require much thought, just sober observation and integrity. Everyone dies; just like planets, stars, and even galaxies. There are Black holes to vacuum up dead galaxies and undertake their reincarnation. Galaxies require billions of years to reform. Why should a simple, single, human life be any different; our ancestors understood this. But we stand around, fearful, cowardly, un-Harriet Tubman-like, head in the sand, turning the other cheek, bent down low, heartless, making excuses, doing the least risky right thing. While those who harm us bravely plan, and boldly carry out sustained injustice against us. They know most of our people are not going to do a thing about it. And so injustice wins, over and over again.

Look at the world. Look at South Africa. Pick a city, there’s a liquor store, lotto, a church, mosque, synagogue, a myth, police with guns, a judge, an executioner, a syringe in a vein, a run-down school as a tomb with a curriculum that’s a cell block. Planned parenthoods are sucking the life from the wombs of the poor, undisciplined, and often immoral—and Black populations are lost in translation, anesthetized with fiction, fantasy, religions, drugs, and alcohol.

Entire masses now are asleep intoxicated in the fire simmering; calm but kinetic like the eye of a storm spinning over gulf waters; quietly counting straws on a camel’s back in a fragile cunning hell; some day that straw breaks that back. Today the stench of rotting societal corpses pervades the globe as capitalism and socialism prepare to emulate the prior death marches of feudalism, slavery and primitive communalism. Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Fundamentalist and Nazis line up. In this hour, counter revolution—the old moribund, rotting decadent, parasitic societies and face revolution—the new, invincible, fresh, flowering, energetic, driven, determined, unrelenting, and destined, the new glorious beginning. Blood on their hands, armed to the teeth, rotten, moribund, they seek in the present to recreate past debauchery in the future.

The problem is that Africans, who were kidnapped, mass transported, mass enslaved, dehumanized, de-Africanized, and imprisoned on stolen land in the Diaspora and in Africa are still working on stolen land to build White and Arab capitalist societies at the expense of millions of Africans, families, and civilization at a time when their wage-labor is becoming permanently obsolete (except as privatized prison slave laborers), they have become obsolete, a drain, confined to ghettos, a tax burden, fastened to government doles for food, housing, clothing, education, and imprisonment.

Nothing will be easy. We shall over come will not deter gun totting White Nazis on their quest for a "Final Solution". What we do in history in our time determines our next generations worthiness to survive.

Remember this.
Edward Mitole