John Dramani Mahama – The NDC’s Defeated Messiah

Feature Article John Dramani Mahama  The NDCs Defeated Messiah

There is a proverb that states, "If you don't allow someone to sail smoothly, you won't have the chance to reach your own goal." This is a true proverb, and I would like to use it to demystify Mahama's quest to lead the NDC again and how it could result in another crushing defeat in 2024.

The NDC's overconfidence in its ability to win in 2024 stems from the fact that the NPP is failing to keep its promises to Ghanaians, and the current economic downturn confirms the party's determination to win in 2024. John Dramani Mahama is situating himself within this "victory puzzle," and the collective voice of the party faithful calling for his return is proof that he is the CHOSEN NDC MESSIAH.

Before this MESSIANIC popular proclamation, various events in NDC indicate that hurdles are being removed, paving the way for his proclamation. First, the Ahoto Project of Dr Kobena Duffuor, a famous economist and former finance minister, was vilified by prominent party members. The establishment of the Ahoto Project was viewed as a diversion and a stealthy manner of introducing Kobena Duffuor as Mahama's close rival in the NDC presidential election. The desire of Dr Kobena Duffuor to run for NDC leadership has either cooled or been nipped in the bud. Everything was to please the coming Messiah.

Again, the NDC is utilizing Mahama to deliver public speeches, attend high-level events, and issue statements in opposition to government actions. Indirectly, the NDC has already made Mahama their leader; all that remains is the confirming oil. Every day, Mahama has been in the news, which may be an indication that every party stalwart who aspires to lead the NDC should delay their bid until 2027 or never.

Recent events concerning the replacement of Haruna Iddrisu as minority leader and the rest of his cohorts resulted in a scuffle within the NDC. According to the observations of insiders, Mahama's invisible hands are pulling the rope from behind. Even while the situation appears to have been handled, there is every sign that invisible forces are working to facilitate Mahama's return. Disputes between Haruna Iddrisu and Mahama have surfaced, and it is believed that certain impediments must be removed for the NDC's MESSIAH to be announced flawlessly.

It is now evident that these obstacles-clearing strategies in the way of the Messiah could lead to the party's defeat in 2024. If the only option for Mahama to become a leader is to pit him against other party stalwarts with equal possibilities, then apathy, leakage of party surveillance, animosity, and a "tear him down" mentality might fester like an open wound. In light of the current circumstances, the party's resistance to vulnerability will be weakened. The party is increasingly turning to violence as a means to defeat the NPP in 2024. Even though the Suame party executive made the most irresponsible statement ever, both the Mahama and NDC executive branches support the same position. The party's decision to use violence in the upcoming election makes it undesirable to those who feel that elections should be contested on issues.

NDC's desperation is unparalleled, and this desperation has overcome party officials to the point where they have forgotten that Mahama's return is sowing cracks, dissension, dissatisfaction, and poor party loyalty heading into 2024. John Dramani Mahama, the soon-to-be-elected NDC MESSIAH, could well be defeated in 2024 because he will lead the most vulnerable NDC party in its entire history.

Isaac Ofori
(Demographer, Human Rights Advocate, Educator, Unionist)