12.02.2023 Feature Article

Black Africans Must Reject The Republics And Move Towards A Higher Form Of Political Construct

Black Africans Must Reject The Republics And Move Towards A Higher Form Of Political Construct
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The era of neocolonialism, this present era of republics that we are living in now in Black Africa is an extremely disastrous one for the Black African people as a whole.

The Black African republics of today have divided us along fictional and fictitious borders created by our historic enemies for the very purpose of our political subjugation. Through the fake national identities they naturally promote, they have brainwashed the masses of Black Africa into accepting the neocolonial division of our Motherland and normalizing the status quo.

As a result of this, the Black continent is today more divided and controlled than ever. The republics which on the aftermath of colonisation were expected to become the symbol of an independent Africa have pathetically failed in achieving this mission.

The concept of independence of contemporary Black African nations is a complete lie. There is no one single Black African republic which presently escapes the malevolent clout of neocolonialism.

Black Africa is still being oppressed and not free obviously because the Black African republics of today are all puppet States. As long as the republics remain, the Black continent will always be subjugated. As long as they exist our destinies will always be in the hands of global Western imperialist organisations such as the failed U.N. and the IMF or the World Bank.

Militarily, the Black African republics and their corrupt governments have allowed most major imperialist armies of the world to unjustly occupy Black African lands. Today we have the largest concentration of foreign military forces anywhere in the world on our lands. A powder keg waiting to explode...another existential threat to our future bought upon us by our sold out ruling elite at the head of the republics.

Moreover, the fact that the modern Black African republics purely taken as political constructs are devoid of any spiritual foundations has in our specific case led to the dangerous proliferation of a massive atmosphere of mental alienation of our masses to the religions of mental slavery: Islam and Christianity. Black Africa is controlled politically and economically but it is also mentally enslaved. Indeed because the Black African republics are also incapable of bringing about the much needed spiritual awakening of the Black continent and ideological liquidation of Islam and Christianity in Black Africa, without which any so called liberation would only be a lie.

The Black African people is being ripped off. Black Africa is kept stuck in time and backwardness while the dominance of our imperialist enemies over us keep perpetuating itself.

We must do away with these awful current times of desecration of Black African dignity and bring about the historic restoration of our Motherland if we are to survive in this global jungle.

At a vital political level it unavoidably means leaving behind the divided and subjugated Black African republics of today and moving towards a higher form of political construct.

The political restoration of the Black continent is a major imperative of historic importance that must be absolutely fulfilled if the children of Black Africa are to be freed and regain their rightful place of preeminence among mankind.

For such reality to manifest itself, the contemporary political set up of neocolonial nature prevailing across Black African lands has to be dismantled by any means necessary to allow a new political reality, symbolizing the material and spiritual liberation of the Motherland to come to be.

For the Black Renaissance this higher form of political construct that will totally restore our Motherland to her lost greatness, is the political unification of the Black continent, subsequently to a struggle for its total liberation.

The Black Renaissance wants a unified political giant to manifest itself in Black Africa to finally put an end to the era of neocolonial decadence and destroy the borders of Berlin once and for all.

Only through a new radical struggle for the political unification of Black Africa and the establishment therein of a new unifying political construct, revolutionary in nature, will the Motherland become again a force to be reckoned with in the world. As well as the Black race, at 'home' and abroad to be totally liberated from the nasty legacy of racial oppression that the children of Africa have been through.

A new global era of Black power and glory must be unleashed by the Black continent on the world, for this to happen, the Black African republics must die so that Black Africa can be finally liberated and unified.

The struggle against the Black African republics is an historic requirement if we are to liberate and unite Black Africa.

Divided we fall, united we stand...the Black African republics are so weak and pathetic due to the spirit of neocolonialism profoundly infused in them that there is no way Black Africa can assert itself as a global power in the face of imperialist giants such Western powers or China under the current divided political configuration.

Ultimately, the Black African republics will lead us to a generalized collapse due to their inability to face all major existential threats to our future.

They must therefore die if the Motherland is to be one day freed from both neocolonialism and Abrahamism as a foundation of her political unification.

This unforgiving ideological struggle against the Black African republics that this movement has engaged in is a legitimate one. Dissidence against them, the duty of our generation and path of the righteous ones.

Edward Mitole, PhD.
Founder and Chair
The African Renaissance Project