A Psychologist Writes Lawan Who Inadvertently Spoke For Machina

Feature Article A Psychologist Writes Lawan Who Inadvertently Spoke For Machina

Act Now Before February 25th, The Supreme Court And APC Leadership Won’t Stop It, Concede Again

President of the Senate, Dr. Ahmad Lawan inadvertently or accidentally and without realizing psychologically or spiritually apparently might not have known what he was doing when he spoke some reserved words after the Supreme Court three-against-two split judgement led by Justice Chima Centus Nweze.

Now Dr. Lawan should announce he has decided to do the right thing, place a call to Bashir Machina, the people affirmed candidate who won the May 28, 2022, APC Yobe North Senatorial District.

Dr. Lawan should concede to the true winner. I believe Director of Press and Information, Dr Festus Akande, on behalf of the Supreme Court that is currently venting about the self-induced propelled crisis over the Machina matter, will not stop him from such a move. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and All Progressives Congress (APC) leadership cannot stop it as it is an individual choice.

64 years old Dr. Lawan is allowing goodness to lead his conscience. Again, these words came after the now highly intense court ruling. Dr. Lawan in a truthful statement accidentally said the defined words as if it came from the mouth of Machina:

"Let me start by thanking God for His blessing and for what happened today in the Supreme Court. The judgement on Yobe North particularly is a victory for APC in Yobe and generally APC across the country."

"What happened was democracy at work and the courts gave their various judgements and of course, the Supreme Court gave the final judgement." "I want to at this point commend the Supreme Court and of course, the judiciary generally for making this kind of Judgment to strengthen our democracy."

"This is because it is not only for politicians to work and strengthen democracy, it is all of us and all the institutions that have their roles to play."

"Actually, as an individual, I didn’t go to the Supreme Court to seek for redress, but my party did and my people in Yobe North and Yobe State generally and many political associates and well-wishers across the country."

"I am the symbol, but the victory is for our party, the APC and for democracy."

This election is two weeks from now. Dr. Lawan is not just a veteran political success since 1999 with brilliant legislative deeds and has brought meaningful changes to the nation in the national assembly. I am particularly happy with the new mental health law. Lawan is also an academic in the world of geography.

Dr Lawan, remember that after the judgment of the Yobe State High Court which disqualified you at the trial level you made some other words: "Yesterday, Wednesday, 28th September, 2022, the Federal High Court in Damaturu delivered judgement on the rightful candidate for Yobe North Senatorial District for the 2023 National Assembly elections."

"The said judgement disqualifies my candidature and therefore my participation in the elections.

"After due consultations with my political associates, supporters and well-wishers, I have decided not to appeal against the judgement. I accept the judgement.

Dr. Lawan as a man of great honor and influence I ask you, remember everything matters because we are going to die someday, we all know our time here is limited on earth, but we do not know by how much. Dr. Lawan become used to the reality that power or money is not everything, and sharing it with others is good, as such act is an extraordinary motivator which makes our lives healthier and thus more gratifying in the long run. Please Dr. Lawan, think about this. Call Machina, the validly nominated candidate of the All Progressives Congress for the Yobe North Senatorial District, admit the truth, and let him take his candidacy to the forthcoming February 25 National Assembly election.

Dr. Lawan, without the fanfare of the Nigeria type media, I repeat, make that call or visit your Muslim brother, humble yourself in the sight of Allah, who knows the truth between Lawan and Machina.