Newly enstooled Asafoatse of Prampram pledges to work for peace and development

  Tue, 07 Feb 2023
Social News Newly enstooled Asafoatse of Prampram pledges to work for peace and development

The newly enstooled Asafoatse or warlord of the Prampram Traditional Area, Asafoatse Djanban IV of Osheku Wem (Lakple), has promised to work hard for to ensure the existing peace in the traditional area is further strengthened, as well as advocate for the economic growth of the town.

Known in private life as Daniel Kweinortey Mensah, Asafoatse Djanban IV was on Sunday morning presented to the elders and people of Prampram, where he swore the oath of allegiance before in the presence of Nene Tetteh Waka III, Paramount chief of the traditional area and his elders.

"If you call early dawn, morning, after and late evening, I will respond to your call," Asafoatse Djanban pledged before the ecstatic crowd, majority of whom were dressed in red outfits.


"I also swore to uphold the truth, integrity and play my part for the good of the people," he added.

Nene Waka III advised him to stay away from issues that have nothing to do with him. He promised Asafoatse Djanban, the youngest to be enstooled, to support him and his vision.

He later introduced him to the enthusiastic crowd, mostly made of youth and elders, who had gathered the previous night to keep vigil and observe the necessary traditional rites.

Asafoatse Djaban's successful coronation followed an elaborate custom which involved his confinement into a room for more than five days and was taught the traditions of his forebears.


Naturally calm, humble and accessible individual, Asafoatse Djanban was paraded through the town. Wearing a war-like clothe decorated with amulets, leaves stashed between his lips and around his head, his face powdered was paraded through town to some of the family homes or Wem, where rites were performed to accept and bless him.

Later in the afternoon on the same Sunday, he sat in state, supported by his wife and elders, to receive greetings from various people and families.

Various gift items were also presented to him.