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Osono Decides: My Analysis!

Osono Decides: My Analysis!
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Members of the Great Elephant, aka Osono Kokroko, will sooner than later be congregating to choose the one to lead them to the 2024 electoral battle against those under the eagle-headed Umbrella. The names that have come up so far are Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Kennedy Agyapong, Francis Addai-Nimo, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, Boakye Agyarko, Joe Ghartey and Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku. The names have stirred up mixed feelings in me because only a few are serious contenders, while many others seem like a bunch of jokers adding up to the numbers.

Dr. Apraku’s presidential ambition has never been a secret as he has contested for his party’s flagbearership slot since 1998. As a 25-year-old party fanatic, I religiously monitored the 1998 congress and vividly remember events in Sunyani, where Dr. Apraku had 52 votes out of 1,993. He even performed worse in subsequent elections. It must be noted that Dr. Apraku was then in his prime and was very visible on the media landscape. If Dr. Apraku could not even get a paltry 3% of the total votes in his hey days, what deludes him into believing that he could win the flagbearership slot at a time many of the youth don’t even remember his name?

Hon. Ghartey is a fine lawyer, academic and politician. Indeed, he is one of the most decent politicians I’ve ever seen. He is a former Attorney-General, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and the Railways and Development Minister. I, however, don’t see him getting even 1% of the delegates on his side because there are more popular and more competent candidates. I know for sure that he himself knows it will take more than a miracle for him to win the Osono flagbearership contest.

Mr. Agyarko is one of the few politicians yours truly admires. He is a smart dude and does not cease to impress with his oratory skills. He is, no doubt, a presidential material. But the Ameri scandal, which led to his sacking as Energy Minister, is so big a blot that the Osono delegates cannot risk making him a flagbearer. I dare say he is finished politically.

Now to the man I’ve admired even before he became a politician. His commentary of the final match between Algeria and Nigeria in the 1990 African Cup of Nations still rings in my ears. The former Osono General Secretary has always had presidential ambitions. Per General Ntontom’s narration, he was the youngest of the “17 thieves who paraded at the University of Ghana to choose the gang leader.”

Yes, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong is the man I refer to. He is another fine gentleman with very noble ideas to improve party and country. Unfortunately, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since his suspension till now. He is no longer the political force he once was in the Osono fraternity. Someone should please tell him not to waste his cowries on an election he has no chance of winning.

As for Addai-Nimo, the least said about him, the better. He represented the Mampong Constituency in the Ashanti Region from January 7, 2009 to January 6, 2017. After losing the Osono flagbearer bid in 2014, he attempted a re-election in the Osono parliamentary primary in 2015 and lost. For a man who lost a parliamentary primary and had been in the political wilderness for close to seven years, what at all could have deluded him into believing that he has even a 2% chance of winning?

For sure, the contest is among Alan, Kennedy Agyapong and Dr. Bawumia. Kennedy’s disadvantage is that he had already tarnished his image with public insults and his abrasive style of politics. His love for country is, however, not in doubt. And that could be his trump card. His best will be a third position.

I have written extensively on Alan’s chances in the write-up titled “Osono Decides: The Alan Episode!”. Alan’s from ‘No Action, Talk Only’ (NATO) system to ‘Great Transformational Plan’ (GTP) is nothing but reckless. He is by implication saying the government he just resigned from was NATO. How then does he expect the party delegates to vote for him after betraying the Osono government he had served for 6 years.

Dr. Bawumia is the man to beat in the flagbearership contest. Despite the decline in economic gains made in the first term of the Nana Dee government, Dr. Bawumia still stands tall among his peers. That he is the man of innovation cannot be disputed by even his political rivals. As for the religious card being played by the Alan camp, it is nothing but pure gimmickry. We all know the Elephant won't be gathering to turban a Chief Imam or ordain a Priest. It is just to elect a political leader with proven dedication to the Elephant. In any case, since when did religion become a major determinant of whom to vote for?

Believe me when I say it wouldn’t even be a close contest. Yes, Alan claims he is next in line to lead. But the delegates will definitely show the world that the Osono flagbearership position is not a chieftaincy title with a succession plan.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!