Are Muslims Repeating the Sins of Christians?

Feature Article Are Muslims Repeating the Sins of Christians?
FEB 5, 2023 LISTEN

Of course, I hope and pray not all Muslims and Christians are guilty or beyond rescue, but there is a disturbing shared pattern between the two groups, perhaps including Jews and how many more religious folks? No, I do not want to be ever anti religion, but countless mistaken and dead religious folks are suppose to be a learning opportunity for the living ones. The purpose of Religion should and must be to raise our character, or more specifically our conscience. To avoid a book, I will have to limit the discussion to Christians and Muslims, the two biggest faiths, arguably. Regardless of how I am trying to rescue the two groups, it is worth noting countless faithless group may be worse. How conscientious are you is much more vital than claims of how much you believe in Jesus Christ, Muhammad, or even God? The purpose of religion and faith is to make you more Godly or more conscientious in secular terms. Muslims happen to have an extra luck they may not use to the preferred percentage, because ch.91 told us to ' purify our conscience to be successful '. I see a pattern of Blasphemy of God through over banking on prophets and religious leaders, plus a lack of enough distinction between personal sins and sins between creatures, against conscience.

We must all understand mindset holds faith and even other things. So our mindset on God greatly matters and seeing him as an unapproachable monster unless a prophet or xyz scholar help us is indeed Blasphemous. It does not mean I condone humans punishing people over blasphemy of God, prophet, or anyone; I can patiently wait on God for that. So help yourself and whom you can to have a positive mindset of the most Merciful Judge and teacher. If our best human judges and teachers mark our papers with reasonable kindness, we have every right to hope good from God, but that should never mean being against conscientious or banking on forgiveness even when making a choice that affect human beings. It is worth noting that humans will cry foul over simple truth or even asking them to stop cruelty or learn any good. So it is not about worshipping human choices and humans who cannot tolerate even just or tolerable words are not worth knowing or catering for ? The world is bigger than the demands of the emotionally fragile ones, we need intelligence and truth, not just kindness or questionable kindness. Conscience is largely two: seeking highest kindness and avoiding the roots of evil, or being humble for God to Judge.

Prayer: Too many Christians over valued Jesus, thereby under valued God and others God blessed as learning opportunities.? I am gradually seeing that pattern in many Muslims. Many Christians will claim a questionable Trinity , but what percentage call on Jesus than God , directly? Now I hear too many Muslims pray in the 'name , blessings, or power of Muhammad or Mecca'? Is God not enough based on common sense and do they know why the verses say 'Upon Allah believers Trust', especially on prayers .

Coming versus present: A verse in the Bible told Christians that 'a spirit of Truth will come with the whole truth', but rather than expecting a truthful one, they preach a big liar or beast will come with 666. If both are in the bible, why choose one or frequent one more in sermons? Every hundred years, how many truthful ones came versus liars? Fear is clearly there, but where are they in greed or arrogance? Similarly, countless verses in the Quran says God is ever present , solidly on the throne, will conquer, etc. Some how, too many Muslims believe and focus in what is claimed as Dajjal, a monster with powers that God claimed to exclusively have? They got the story through so called hadiths and worse, they have it in their minds than many Quranic verses. Although ch.27 vaguely talks about God sending a creature on earth, it is vague and not scary. The questionable remedy they prescribed on Dajjal is not conscience, is not the verses that says 'fear no one', not faith in God who is solidly on the throne, etc but they claim to read the vague chapter 18 on Fridays? When you read it in fear, confusion, or hope, does it raise your conscience or let you assume that you or our questionable leaders are above 'exhorting each other to truth and patience '? Like Christians, every hundred years how many Dajjal came or how many read in fear? Evil creatures may never have more than fear, greed, and arrogance; so clean yourself and just simply ask the God of conscience to protect you from the arrogant ones who fear marijuana and weapons of Russia, u.s, 'dajjal with covid or its restrictions', etc?

Faith from arrogance versus the reverse: Introducing new faiths after prophets are often very dangerous and that is literally what happens to Christians who claim 'Jesus died for their sins '. This vague claim is very dangerous mindset we should challenge for rewording or how many may think it includes sins between creatures, then may hurt you and I , beyond slavery and countless problems many Christians commit as 'blessed' or in arrogance? There are also countless dangerous fear oriented invented faith in the so called hadiths against Muslims . From predestination to countless mantras that allegedly wipe away sins. They will preach such 99 times in vague language and one time as it excludes sins between creatures, so you think what a growing mind or corrupt mind will remember ? How many times do pastors and Imams preach the importance of conscience as real and final test, that religion is a favor to ease that test, not replace it?

Disrespect for our responsibility 'to exhort each other to Truth and patience ', or even freedom of expression in secular leaning, fractional language? Despite the fact Jesus died or was 'taken away' through censorship, Christians killed someone for claiming the earth is round? Or no! They repented unless it is classified information, words about LGBTQ, women, or precious Jews? These groups and no one can be above criticism and it is very wrong to deny people work or do worse to them for a very factual statement or one we can wait for God to Judge. When atheists tolerate words than those who claim their God exist and have powers to police words, then I question where faith helped you on patience with punishment? You can read ch.103 in Saudi Arabia and many so called Muslim countries, but practising it is a big crime and they will quote vague verses or endless hadiths to justify their fear, greed, and arrogance. I doubt if Dajjal can bring worse than the roots of evil and the hadiths they put above ch.103 and conscience of 91, which can lead to even respecting animals lot more, not just humans.

Man made Wealth as blessed: Whereas I sure see finance as blessing, even some atheists will admit health and beautiful nature is greater. So the technology of the west+, the oil+ of middle east is relatively lot less blessing than sweet African nature? Then character matters even more than the plants of Africa, Asia and west, combined. Our religious houses, our politicians, our media houses must not just urge for more conscience raising, but how it relates to more possible inspiration for God's intelligence and kindness . May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
The instructive verses of the Quran deserve focus than the vague descriptive verses of the Quran. When and in which areas will Conscience matter to you who read ch.91 or do you think God only teaches conscience to non-Muslims? Even the questionable Paul of Christianity says, 'it is good not to eat meat, nor drink wine'. The last verses of ch.91 hint we will be tested with animals, conscience, and a message of Truth; plus you think the very last verse that says, 'And He does not fear it's sequel', is for the people of Salih (pbuh) in their graves, of only those who lived with physical Muhammad, or those who live with others who do not read ch. 18 on Fridays or send it as message than the Quranic verses? How many so called hadiths people sent you versus Quranic, versus conscientious message of our times or before the prophet? We have to balance it and must use conscience to see if the hadiths is worth even viewing, let alone send? Be extra careful of anything you send, especially where the name of God or Muhammad is mentioned .

There is a group that will be smiling on even judgment day, but you do not think you will be among them, you instead focus on the vague verses about intercessors, but hate advise of conscience oriented intercessions?

Be informed that it is not one to one on sins between creatures. So if your religious rituals cannot raise your conscience, then buy and urge for culture of cameras. Because the world governments must focus on hunting and punishing sins between creatures and leave the marijuana folks alone, or God's proportionate curse be upon them, including sinners or private citizens who hate worldwide marijuana legalisation. If you read chapter 5, you saw a verse that talks about alcohol as handy work of Satan or satanists, then another verse in the same chapter that talks about 'a garden of bliss' some questionable Christians missed, missing, or will miss; then how often you talk about one verse and not the other? Denying the guilty to enter 'hell' can earn you sins, but trying to deny the blessed a blessing of God can get you worse than the admonishing Muhammad (pbuh) got in ch.66, or which President or Imam think they are above Muhammad (pbuh) and sent as guardians over adults? Those verses did not come publicly to shame a prophet, but for us to learn and avoid worse. When you read in ch.4 that ' it is not the desires of Jews, Christians, or Muslims will God judge by', then do you fear or assume He will judge by conscience? Or may be there is hadiths that says you can ignore conscience, be in hell only for a minute or few years, even on earth and keep ignoring conscience and bank on a rescue from who?

The Christians pray in Jesus name to get mainly material things and think those who pray for Jesus (pbuh) are lost and will be ignored by a Just and Kind God, no matter how conscientious they are, including knowing his existence and he teaches the conscience periodically? Those who pray for Muhammad (pbuh) for mainly material things think we who pray for him in gratitude and urge each other to use conscience are anti Muhammad or what? May we be happier than both camps until you start respecting us, or at least stop threatening us with prison, sanctions, or xyz over sincere words or a plant made and control by God. Where do you think patience is due in the world of punishment and can you consistently group due patience?

Some Christians want us to believe in a very indecisive God and there after very unforgiving? A God that sends Jesus or anyone to preach do good and leave evil is indeed with conscience, and nothing will ever replace that. Both God and Jesus should allow the 'bad Jews' or xyz to kill Jesus over resisting bad laws and someone can claim good deeds are no longer necessary, just faith, or how much lower than faith? It becomes a wonder if we should thank the 'killers', the resort or willing victim, or the God who promised spirit of Truth to send more explicit Truth through a worldwide Trumpet, or at least to billions and eventually the whole world? Those who respect conscience do not ever abandon good laws and will challenge bad laws and even questionable invented faiths in the name of God, Jesus, Muhammad, democracy, or xyz. Consistency is vital, so the gradual raising if human conscience should be appreciated than even the prophets and angels who already referred us to the God of conscience. Read the Quran and perhaps go re-teach it to the Arabs, black Muslims , or xyz who think the clear verse of purifying of conscience in ch.91 should be ignored or means searching for questionable sayings of the prophets or scholars who may or may not have respected conscience enough. When the Lord teaches through conscience and you accept in the spirit of submitter or believer, then reminding people is a care that must include recommending conscience and ch.103 until final judgment. As long as you have choice: have faith, do good , speak Truth, and have patience.

Our SeneGambian+ Muslims grossly misinterpret a verse that says , 'pray upon or for the Prophet' as sign of extreme highness of Muhammad and window of earthly success than respecting and investing in learning and working opportunities, or respecting conscience? Praying the last verses of ch.37 is prayers for all prophets + and is probably higher than any invented exclusive prayer for Muhammad who may become a witness against many Muslims, similar to how a verse claims Jesus will be a witness against Christians. Muhammad may admit He forbid them even writing the hadiths, because He knew the Quran and Conscience are more reliable or where will He be witness for and against Muslims+? He was clearly identified as witness than intercessor for what levels of lower Muslims, atheists and hypocrites of which times, ? That prayer for the prophet is in gratitude and if you look in the same chapter, you will see how the Angels reportedly prayed upon the believers. It simply means they care and the Lord of conscience may help us in both choice and achievements, on and beyond Earth. He has already blessed us with earthly Jannah (heaven) that can be raised just as conscience can go up or down. So may our choices and reward be raised, and be free of God's punishment forever. Peace and blessings be upon the messengers, and Praises to the Kind Lord of the universe.