“Our lives depend on nature, protect it” - Horticulturists

Science Our lives depend on nature, protect it - Horticulturists
FEB 3, 2023 LISTEN

“Our lives depend on nature, we must be conscious to protect it,” Mr. Joseph Atanga, a Tema Community five based Horticulturist has advised stressing that the signs are glare that we are killing nature and endangering the eco-system.

He said nature is warning us through the various mishap flooding, climate change, poor crop yields, irregular rainfall pertains, and other environmentally linked disasters, “yet we continue to be stubborn and destroy the very foundation of our existence”.

Mr. Atanga in an interview in Tema expressed concern about the negative interactions between humans and the environment, especially plants.

The Horticulturist revealed that in the hierarchy of creation plants, and the environments were created before man, “by extension man is not above plants but man has assumed authority instead of protecting it rather destroying all plants and animals alike”.

He also expressed disgust that plants are not regarded in Ghanaian society except when used for decorative purposes in the house, “even that we don’t know how to till the land and take care of the plants, especially flowers”.

He revealed that plants hold human beliefs, history, and relationships; “man and plants species hold a long history and are dependent on each other for survival”.

"Plants teach how one can cater for the family. Being attentive to their wellbeing, and the daily care one gives to it is similar to the care all living things needed to grow," he said.

Mr. Atanga who has been in the horticulture business for 23 years said people should go beyond using plants for beautification and study basic things about plants and animals.

“Man has a lot to learn from plants and animals, but our ego of feeling superior to these prevents us from picking life’s lessons from them,” he said.

Mr. Patrick Gyan who is into landscaping said apart from foreigners who are mostly able to keep plants growing for many years, unfortunately, most Ghanaians are unable to keep them.

Mr. Romanus Awuni who grows food crops and flowers said as part of engagement with customers, he normally would take them through some form of education to understand the plants and flowers they want to buy, their purposes, and how to maintain them.

“But the secrets to some plants can't be taught, they must be experienced, plants and flowers talks and performed different functions in the life of man, some prevent bad omen from befalling the owner, and others attract witches and wizards to your compound,” he said.

Mr. Awuni advised people who love plants and flowers to seek professional advice before buying, “don’t just buy because you saw it on someone’s compound”.

-CDA Consult II Contributor