Bawku: 8 persons allegedly chased and shot dead by soldiers, one burnt

Headlines Bawku: 8 persons allegedly chased and shot dead by soldiers, one burnt

At least eight persons have been allegedly killed in troubling Bawku this dawn by soldiers.

They were shot dead in Zongin, a community near Sabon Gari in the Bawku Municipality of the Upper East Region.

According to the community members, there were sporadic gunshots within the township.

The information gathered by ModernGhana News is that some persons including those killed were running for cover when the military chased them from their gardens to their various houses and allegedly shot some of them.

Our reporter on the ground indicated that the eight persons including some other persons were working in their gardens.

A little boy who saw people running also run to hide behind a grass. The soldiers chased him and fired through the grass, it caught fire and burnt him to death.

The bodies have been conveyed to the Vineyard hospital for autopsy with one person in critical condition.

Memuna Moro, who lost a brother said the alleged killings by the soldiers have been going on for long and the earlier they are withdrawn the better for them since their presence has no impact but rather worsened the situation in Bawku.

According to her, the soldiers are taking advantage of the tribal conflict in Bawku to kill armless people including even women.

"We are tired of the way and manner the soldiers are doing in Bawku. When there are gunshots they don't move to where the shots are coming from but rather where the shots are going. We please want the government to move out the soldiers in Bawku for us to finish ourselves," she said angrily.

Osman Awini, who lost a son and other two family brothers in the latest killings also lamented the attitude of the soldiers in Bawku. "We are saddened this morning. Those lying down are my sons and brothers. They were in a garden doing farming this morning when the soldiers when in there chased them to their various houses and killed 8 of them and burnt one, an escapee who has run into hiding in a local bank where foodstuff is stocked. We want the government to kindly withdraw the military or else it won't be well."

Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

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