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Heavenly Mindset, Memories, and Emotions

Heavenly Mindset, Memories, and Emotions
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The human being has significant and limited control of extremely crucial aspects of his or her life, including mindset, memories, and emotions. Among the three, it is vital to focus on the very one we have some or more control of: the mindset. The mindset of A growing child is largely based on his or her surrounding, so at what age we gradually build our own mindset and how do we get God to help us lot more? As thankful as I am and being way above average in happiness, I am not claiming to know all the answers. However, considering I have never been 'broken hearted', hardly moved by death any more, and few other blessings give me the authority or responsibility to share my so called secrets or blessings. Memories are also largely beyond human control and they sure can be heavenly or hell like. Although many people claim to be able to control their emotions, it may really depend on other factors . The few aspects you seemingly tend to control your emotions, it is actually your mindset that affects or controls your emotions. The emotional aspect of humans is largely a reactor.

Heavenly mindset is best built with the God of heaven and the mind+. Since human brain can go up or down, plus what we were taught may include right and wrong ways, then change is inevitable. It is a question of how and where to change. Matter matters, and we are gradually rebuilt everyday through our choices . This simply means any of our choices can ultimately affect the mentioned three, but some choices like our food, physical activities like exercise , etc carry lot of weight. The God of conscience may have brought you up through meat eating parents , who may or may not have taught you the importance of exercise, or you simply didn't care then? From choices that lead to reward or choices that manage hell like sexual separation or even death, is best known to God. I wish I knew all the choices that lead to great reward, then I would have been successful in every aspect of the word, but how I survive hell through lesser hell and smiling with hope upon hope is worth pondering and sharing.

When I started vegetarianism out of conscience, I assumed God will help me when I die. I had no idea there were earthly benefits when I first started or that God was doing me a challenging favor? I loved the taste of meat and seafood, but I thank God lot more for food now than when I ate meat+. The number one secret people fail to realize is how God can turn virtually anything as source of happiness. So seeking God is the most essential aspect to happiness, but our understanding of how to seek God differs. I wish I knew conscience is the original and last test of humans, plus the easiest route to God. Or should I thank God for discovering it and even gratefully teaching it to others? Although most Muslims presently eat meat, the Quran repeatedly used the word Jannah as heaven or sign. Ch. 91 also urge us to raise our conscience to be successful, but some do not know Arabic or hardly ponder on that. The word Jannah means Garden or plants, so how can one pray for Jannah (plants) and not seek plants ardently as high or highest blessings? Well, many of us did not know Arabic and leaving meat is not easy for those who want to follow or focus on can and want than should? The faulty argument some Islamic scholars make is based on can than should, using our teeth as illusory evidence over conscience? Then others misinterpret verses like 'there is meat in heaven (Jannah)', but that likely means 'meat' made from plants (jannah), but who refuse learning and conscience as favor towards higher favors? There is no killing or shedding blood in heaven. Anyway, science confirms even our brains are rebuilt through consumption +. So heavenly food (plants) may highly lead to heavenly mindset.

Once you stop eating meat and fish out of conscience, it gradually forces you to care for humans, unless you wrongly think God judges only death or care about animals more? This means your choices will probably improve, and please do not point to those who enter through a different door than conscience, nor argue on possibilities? Once your choices improve with humans and around mid age, then you will truly know what I mean by we cannot control memories. Good or bad memories will hit you and you may need a great mindset even if your wrongs are small compare to your good choices.

The world of memories is very complex, especially when alone. Due to the fact that humans are so interdependent, we tend to avoid truth that may offend others. The best remedy to that is to assume the person you are dealing with may learn from your truth and you become even better friends. Of course, it is not always the case, but if you fail to honestly advise others, then you likely failed on 'exhorting each other to Truth and patience ', as per ch.103. Depending on your age or how much God loves you, the root cause will be revealed as fear within hours, days, months , or years. As little as failing to help with words can affect you, let alone if you did something terrible to someone or some people. Good memories of good deeds are best, but where you were hurt can be nice or challenging. Sometimes, cowardice make you allowed wrongs and that may have effects on even others. Talking about it in very honest way and to help others learn how not to be culprit or questionable victim is indeed a worthy challenge.

Emotions are largely some form of reward or punishment due to physical or psychological (mental) activities. I do not think we need to waste much time in how walking, talking, and others can trigger emotions. Since the world of words may involve people you have little or no control over, you need a great heavenly mindset to overcome 'negative ' words. First, try to classify all negative words as stupid (illusions), lies, or cruelty. Since you are human and do or did have illusions, try to forgive illusory or stupid words, preferably with rectification. Or are you cruel enough to let people live in illusions and keep hurting people? Once intelligent and truthful words surface, they can rescue the mistaken or kill the liars or uplift their potential victims? Do not worry if lying people have heart attack through your words of Truth, but you promised to assume it could have been illusions. So let your truth be measured, not too soft or too hard, unless you see sheer denial. If words can be cruel, then there must be a heavenly mindset that can resist even cruel words. After all, it is just words!. Laugh, walk away, speak higher truth, go get some marijuana or something good and know that the God of memories + was with you and will show them they have no control over memories and even emotions.

Everyone of us had lost a close family member or friend at some point and no one can claim it was joyful, but why people react to death so differently ? I was actually relatively terrible beyond death, I was the type people called too emotional, worse than average women in some aspects. I know the Obama type will call me 'sexist' or I am implicitly praising women to be more kind and I am losing my kindness? The fact is crying and over crying over death is not necessarily sign of love by itself, but partly sign of weak mindset. God strengthen my mindset so differently these days, when people die. I am still weak in the sense that I cry when I see some cry, it is like a disease they pass on. So unless it is someone super close, I avoid raw funerals. On close ones, God have taught me to lean on positive thoughts. So when my biological father died, I did not cry until my sister cried in my ears through telephone and I manage to stop crying within minutes.

Heavenly Mindset mean positive thinking, rather than negative assumptions. So continuing on my father as example, I will force my mind to thank God for allowing me to live years with him in relatively good terms and that we may be reunited in heaven. If God don't want to or he cannot save himself from the woes of weakness ('old age), then death is actually a favor and how selfish am I to deny him favor? Do I want him alive in a sick bed and offer very weak empathy or allow his soul to be separated with the body? We really cry due to selfishness we cannot see, often times. Just like you can let your child travel even before telephone were invented, you have to see the death as they just travelled? The human body although precious while on earth, the human soul is by far much more valuable. So the body of my father, buried in a grave, is an optional focus. A much better focus is where is his precious soul? Of course I prefer to think it is in heaven or will be there. Prayer is good, but I truly do not know if God is more ears or more eyes? So yes I will pray for him, but I will also try to do good or even try to rectify where I suspect he was mistaken. Like I said , people do not have control over memories, so you will remember both the good and bad choices of your loved ones. Knowing God forgives, knowing you know deeply less than ten percent of the choices of anyone, including your parents or children, it makes no sense to think negative of anyone. You know yourself best and you are sometimes mistaken in how you assessed yourself or choices. So focus on the positive and do what you can while you have the chance. The time you spent crying is not just time that could have been spent more productively, but it affects your emotions and perhaps other aspects. Although the emotional aspect is largely a reactor, it can affect your mental or even physical well-being. So thinking positively about the death may actually help you. There is a verse that says 'on the friends of Allah, they shall not fear or worry...'. Yes, I think the verse primarily means thinking your very self will be in heaven, not hell, but it should secondarily include not fearing or worrying about death, losing a partner, etc.

I do not know what is 'broken heart' and I do not think I have ever broke someone's heart. About seventy to eighty percent of my ex lovers left me, so they are less likely to claim I broke their heart. How I manage will come later. The ones I left tend to affect me more, but never to the level people describe as 'broken hearted '. When I am leaving someone, the big question is it worth leaving or will she learn? Life has tolerable and intolerable choices. Again, now I am more mature, so I classify issues beyond vague tolerable or intolerable; I classify if it was stupidity, lies, or cruelty; then dig further , was it due to fear, greed, or arrogance? I take relationships very seriously, so I may forgive some stupidity, but I have zero or near zero Tolerance on lying or cruelty. If you can lie or be cruel to your partner, then who else will you do similar to? So you must warn each other about red lines, or your household may become hell. You want the God of Truth and kindness to help you both and expand that approach of zero lying and cruelty to others, or it may revisit your household. Lying and cruelty falls under sins between creatures, so they are very dangerous and until you run from such as death, then your maturity is lacking.

The secret of not to be ever broken hearted starts with being truthful, meaning to take only someone you admire enough. Love or relationship is a physical test before mental test, so it is very vital to take only those you truly like. It will help you to be truthful and kind to the person, but will you be intelligent or will s/he be grateful is where the mental tests begin. No matter how much you like her/him, do not make bad agreements, meaning accepting what you should not or cannot? One of the few girls I left asked me if it will be OK to see her kiss someone? I told her hell no, even though that was a red flag or was she wrongly testing me? Because I strongly liked her, we actually agreed as transitory relationship, because she is Asian and claim to like 'person of her culture' as husband. When you strongly like someone you will prefer them for life, but won't mind them for a night, months, or few years. This is a mindset of gratitude, so to claim women or xyz cannot have such mindset is absurd. It is similar gratitude I use to overcome women who left me. Yes, I preferred they stayed and be a wife until death separates us permanently or temporarily, but the time you spent with someone you truly loved should never be labelled 'wasted'. It's just primarily time, money, and energy. If you are a true lover, the memories of a relationship can feel better than when you were with that someone you loved and s/he ran away due to fear, greed, or arrogance. You enjoyed the time together, so you certainly should not regret the time aspects. Money should be truly spent, not as bait. Since you will spend money even by yourself, just do not over spend, and see whatever you spent as well spent and you can gain lot more, plus getting someone who may appreciate your spending or even spend on you? Just because s/he spends on you, will you tolerate whatever or hurt your own emotions due to money spent? Energy can actually be gained in relationships, especially if God wants to help. Like money, be measured and focus on new energy you can gain than what you seemingly lost.

So evidently gratitude, especially being truthful is the biggest secret. Then hope and how you interpret issues matter in many ways. Once you tried conscientiously and s/he choose to leave, then you have every right to assume God rescued you from an ungrateful lover. If she cannot tell you any gross crime you did, but 'have not done so and so' in greed or arrogance, then laugh and do not beg, especially if there are no children between you. I know some of my ex lovers thought I would have begged, because I showed them I truly love each, one at a time. In many ways, I pity women of our era, because many in mainstream media lied to them that men will do anything over someone they love. I cannot say such men do not exist, but it is your responsibility to know men are different and where 'anything' means greed or arrogance, then I and many others will likely walk away or tell you the truth to see if you will repent or walk away? It is very vital to teach your teenagers, not just how to avoid being a victim or they may victimise, including themselves. Men are largely weak when it comes to women and losing even one you deeply love can turn you to drugs, including alcohol.

Sit your teenagers, especially boys, and warn them seriously about the dangers of lying. Society tend to focus on cruelty, but it starts with lying or stupidity. Even at my age, I cannot guarantee I won't make stupid choices with women+, but I know how well I avoid lying and cruelty with women than even with governments, especially a woman who never lied to you. Do not be the one to start lying and assume God is going to give a prize, prizes, or price(s) to one or both of you. If you truly love each other, then you seek prizes in positive competition. Be the most truthful and kind one in the household, then if you have to go world stage under God and/or those cruel or good human judges, you can win or win together. Remember, there is a verse that says some will be reunited with their partner(s) in heaven, remade in better ways.

Our efforts is for God to pay and give us bonus upon bonus , beyond words. Since we cannot pay God, owe him instead, we focus on helping people, especially the children they are misleading, knowingly or unknowingly. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer
Optional note:
Some people do not want to hear 'God' or mistaken God with religion, but there is enormous evidence that man is not alone. The creatures and creator more powerful than us are not abusing us like many of us do to animals or each other. I may still have challenges on earth, but the happiness I get from God and/or non humans is not comparable to what any human can give or gave. As human, we still appreciate human relations, including sex, but you cannot compare those who virtually seen God and his enormous favors to be like those who are yet to.

So when your governments and mainstream media are often trying to paint men with one brush, often in negative ways, we will laugh and understand you are destroying the mindset of women, against themselves. Since we love women, have children or nieces we love, we will offer at least our version of truth as choice. It makes no sense for man or woman to try to dominate each other, they should instead humble up before God to get beyond our limited expectations. As said, the journey is not all roses, but once you understand it is about routes, then you will choose Truth and kindness as the most intelligent way.

The best of women must understand unjust kindness and indifference to men, especially at law level can be very dangerous. Human beings are reactors , even our physical bodies largely react based on intake as example. Even how medicine works is another evidence of our reacting nature. Similarly is our sexual world, including erection. Those who want you as robot or slowly want to kill you may accuse you as reactionary , but ask rightly or wrongly? Things are right or wrong before they are labelled 'how men or women think'. Our age have the privilege of contrasting between continents and using other resources to choose beyond visible power or ways we inherited. Human conscience is perhaps the most evolutionary in the world of possibilities. Even though we now have millions of vegetarians and vegans, I doubt even if fifteen percent of humans are meat free? This transition is very important, because it will affect how we think in at least two ways. The gradual changes may take years, but even our sense of taste can change and be heighten. So patience is the other part I almost skipped in the main body, because it is much more complex. You have good and bad patience, but it is largely good in the world of relationships. Unless you see very vivid negative ways, I actually recommend patience. We do not generally like it, but God some how imposed it on us and sometimes want us to choose it. If you cannot have patience with your partner or children, where or who will you exercise it with?

Sometimes fear can tell us 'staying mean worse' is coming even before exhorting each other to truth or even some patience for growth ? Then greed is often on the demanding side, while arrogant is on over expectation based on the past or mainstream narrative than justice ? Our material leaning world is just one part, but so called honor in arrogance are destroying not just relationships, but mindsets. The more we use reciprocal law and conscience, we will be able to see lot more and possibly repent. After repentance, we are still sometimes tested.

I went in and out of vegetarianism due to challenges. At one point, I was re-eating animals in Canada and a meat eating co-worker told me 'this is scary, the head of a fish on a plate, with the eyes, as looking at you...' Today, when I saw my sister in law with similar fish with the head, a memory is triggered for reasons best known to God. Asians and Africans leave and even use animal head as food, while many westerners do not. My co-worker saw fear, I see arrogance and question did I revert to vegetarianism before her and will she ever be, especially if people refuse to kill for her? Is she capable of fishing or will overcome the fear and still be arrogant until when? So part of memory was your choice, others choice, and re-triggered for possible learning or even as reward or punishment. Your choices today become memories for you and others, they are like seeds to have effects beyond memories, it eventually builds new choices and thus new direction.

I am yet to be 100% free of pain, but I have been fed with enormous happiness through countless mediums. As much I credit mindset, I do not believe happiness is based on only mindset. Positive happiness is known through effects and how you choose. Anyone will prefer happiness over pain, but I cannot claim I choose happiness. I would have done it earlier and distribute it more evenly, plus will have zero bodily pain... your body is a source of happiness or pain in very many ways. So try to build your body with God's blessings, preferably plants.

Optional note two:
Resisting and weaning yourself or yourselves from fear, greed, and arrogance will help on heavenly mindset(s) and keeping a relationship. As far as I know all relationships end due to the roots of evil: fear, greed, and arrogance. Once you understand the three as common enemy, then you can humbly pray to be protected from such and avoid blaming one gender. Unless God loves you more than He loves me, prayer alone may not be enough, you will likely be tested and may have to pull each other away from the three. It may take some patience for one to understand or change where need be. The Adam and Awa (eve) story is sadly hated, especially in the west, but it has very meaningful hints about the dangers of the three. Depending on where you live on earth, different thinkers talked about the three, perhaps not together as I called them the roots of evil. Because relationships take more than one, even if you free yourself , but if your partner is in one to three of them, your relationship will end or likely be hell like.

Too many cultures sadly claim it is good for one to be feared, but to be loved is much nicer than to be feared. Then you have cultures that promote arrogance as 'honor', and they hate the fearless and Godly. Even God cannot live with arrogant Satan in wide heaven, how will you live with arrogant partner in a mansion or small house? You will lie, use drugs, alcohol, etc to manage towards separation or your death? Understanding God can give you lot more than you give each other means He can give you together or separately. Living alone have some advantages, but if humans were not created alone, we once enjoy relationship, know some are enjoying relationships, and some koranic heavens include relationships, then God can surely help you with a good partner, one who will pray and avoid fear, greed, and arrogance. Then it becomes easier to hang on to the branches of intelligence, truth, and kindness without fall. Then the fruits, herbs, and vegetables of heaven will be in and beyond the kitchen. Then killing or hurting each other in any way will be near zero chances. S/he who fears you due to a government with limited powers will never love you like s/he who understands a Just and ever present God is ready to punish the guilty and/or reward the grateful. A verse says, 'if you try to make each others life difficult, then Allah is independent ', meaning will not take side, but Judges justly.

How many times you heard ' then my wife will kill me' on TV versus my husband ...? Indeed millions of men+ live in fear and may conquer fear in a worse trap and kill the very one they 'feared'. That is from fear to arrogance, but a celebrated American president was blind to the two that was worse than fear? How many times you heard 'every woman deserves to be loved' in the streets to TV versus men? So when the arrogant wife is wanting to be begged even for sex, God or Satan may send a sweetie to tell or show him 'you deserve better', so that they may agree 'the most beautiful [or sweet ] ones are yet to be born' and the African marabout works is temporal even on earth, and may not work for a second on some. Then when a wife cheats in the west, they blame the man for the choice of a woman? When a man cheats in Africa, they blame it on manhood, God, or Satan than the woman or women who refuse to teach him or give him enough?

So live in heavenly mindset, heavenly ways, heavenly products, and then pray to be raised in similar or much higher heaven. What good is a so called believer who is blind to the dangers of fear , greed, or arrogance? You read, 'do not fear no one', but you want your partner, children, or xyz to fear you? You want them to sin or are you their visible Satan? If you truly understand God facilitates happiness through any medium, then it becomes easy to resist the prettiest girls or most handsome man. You will understand not only can you be caught in greed, but God can reduce or cut off the happiness you had with your partner. Similarly, why would anyone fight over questionable honor, knowing or having the happiness God gives is much higher than the honor or anything humans can give? Being together In humility, truth, and kindness is indeed the righteous honor you should be happy with or at least content with. Remember both your bodies and minds can and will be remade while you are living on earth, so pray and strive when given the opportunity. May we forever be grateful and happy, with or without partner, preferably with one.