28.01.2023 Feature Article

The mystery of Ghana/Africa

The mystery of GhanaAfrica
28.01.2023 LISTEN

"Lord, when in 1492 the Portuguese invaded Ghana and now Ghana is run down by ALL political parties I wonder...and I see a mystery in the people of the nation."

"My son, you are confusing me. What is on your mind? What do you wonder about?"

"My good Lord, I am stunned by simple obvious facts. Before the Portuguese came to rule over the Gold Coast and took many black people as slaves hundreds of years before they could have equally prepared themselves to invade the world of the white man."

"My son, sure they could have done it and taken you as their slaves but they were content in their corner and not interested in the expansion of their interest."

"My good Lord, I get that, and to a certain extent understand and honor it."

"Fine, my son. So, what then is your problem? The mystery you think of?"

"Now my good Lord, the Portuguese came with ships to invade, conquer, trade, and steal. The ships had on board guns, water, and food to sustain them for a limited time before they had to find drinking water and food, meat, vegetables, or fruits. The terrain was unfamiliar to them. Wasn't it so?"

"From what I recall this is accurate, my son."

"My good Lord, and here is the mystery that I do not get. Napoleon Bonaparte of France and Adolf Hitler of Germany like many leaders before them knew of the tactic of burnt soil. Why did the Ghanaians at that time not decide to leave the coastal areas behind and possibly burn them to retract far away into the Hinterland to make it nearly impossible for the Portuguese to find enough drinking water or food and people to provide for them these necessary items? Unlike today with planes, fast ships, and easy communication it would have been easy for them to push back the Portuguese into the water and to where they were coming from."

"My son, this simple and logical tactic was not on their mind. For sure it would have worked."

"Good Lord, and here comes my confusion and the mystery. Has Ghana, has Africa as a whole not learned its lesson?"

"My son, the mystery of Ghana and Africa is even a mystery to me, and sometimes I regret having given them free will. But there you are, my son...what else can I say and do?"