25.01.2023 Letter

A Letter To My Heart

By Adams Boribi
A Letter To My Heart
25.01.2023 LISTEN

Dear heart,
To speak about how you easily fall angry, easily take trivial issues high, easily hate and easily envy, I write to you this letter.

No, don't. It will not get you anywhere. You won't even get anything. We are single in diversity is never a contradiction of words but it means that we are still one in harmony.

We shall take the long or short way towards the grave even though we are one but we will definitely get there one by one.

We shall leave the earth even though we envy it.

We shall leave even though we hate it.
And more importantly, we shall leave even though we spread love.

Can't we love and leave? Or do you say we should love and live?

Ok, fine.
That's exactly why I write to you this letter. We should not try to over-focus or give too much energy to tiny issues. Let's rather divert that energy to building ourselves, changing our lives, living happily and even, eating and sleeping well.

The moment we veer such attention to something trivial or something else, we lose focus and the immediate thing is that there are hate, worries and badly enough, violence.

When there is violence, we will die and when we die, we have achieved nothing. It means we all have failed.

You always think you can live alone. That's not true. What makes you have such a mindset is that you think you don't need anyone. You can't live without anyone. As such, you will be dead whilst walking. But that truly meant you never lived before. We may have 'lives' but in reality, we are dead and many of us do it but we don't know.

We 'live dead' and yet we can't figure it out. One example is that we live hating and giving too much energy to hate, we live dead and pretend to be living well, pretend that we have too much money, pretend to have too many followers and pretend to be sharing and being kind.

That's a lie.
If you want to know why that is a lie, let someone mistakenly hurt you (heart) right now and see how you will overreact. How you will want to show your powers, and how you feel like saying whatever came to your head, dear heart.

If you want to disprove what I am saying about you, try at once, just once, and forgive when someone mistakenly hurts you. Try not to bring out your ego and arrogance, and just live forgiving. Don't let your ego lead your way, ok?

Don't. If not you will 'live dead'.

I could say much more but if I say more, perhaps due to your arrogance, you will give whispers that I'm over-admonishing and you may only pretend to be listening.

You love the television, you love to listen to music, dear heart, and you love too much freedom especially when you will only be sleeping whilst the world had woken to work, woken to help someone or when the world is busily making impacts in its slightest endeavour and so, I want you to show me one love. Just a single love and I will be kind enough. Every day, I try as hard as I could to love, to help, to drop my pride and to make someone also smile but you play a very key role in me, inside me and never allowing me.

This mostly happens when you focus on wanting to prove someone somewhere who is living his or her peaceful life, wrong. Meanwhile, you could permit me to follow you on the good road of kindness, and forgiveness, humbleness and tolerance. But in all, I can't finish talking and I know you know about that.

You can also feel what I am going through right now as I try to reach you but I love that you also know.

For those bodies whose hearts don't know anything about themselves, it is world war iii but as for you, at least, having taken the chance to know my pain, I am sure you are at the crossroad of parting with all those bad habits and to veer for the good one I already suggested.

You have never categorically disappointed others before even though you mostly try doing it for the world to see how big you are. It doesn't always end anywhere. What may end you and me as well as the world somewhere are an ego-free lifestyle and tolerance as well as patience. For the trust and love, for whom you are and for how long we had lived together within the 'block wall of the body', I most respectfully beseech you to drop or replace your dark side with the white colour request I am making. You, I know would always want to prove me wrong on how you can easily change.

Oh, well, I know about that but I hope that you do.

From the headquarters, (brain),
In collaboration with the body parts
Inside the blockhouse of the body