Akudzeto Ablakwa was wrong after all with his gargantuan cathedral expose

Feature Article Akudzeto Ablakwa was wrong after all with his gargantuan cathedral expose
JAN 20, 2023 LISTEN

I've said it before and I'll repeat it: NDC's level of desperation for regaining power is extraordinary. The NDC hasn't exhibited the true spirit of opposition to hold the government accountable, from their former presidential candidate to the last foot soldier. Even with 137 seats in parliament, NDC hasn't demonstrated that they can hold NPP to the highest level of accountability.

What NDC has done well is use information at its disposal to stir up controversy and foster public discontent with the current administration.

In a funny expose about the national cathedral, Okudzeto Ablakwa got himself into a terrific issue because of this mindset. Investigations into the matter and other documents readily available show that Rev. Kusi Boateng uses two aliases, one of which is a trading brand for his ministry. All of his other documents are signed using the name Adu Gyamfi. What so prohibited Mr Ablakwa from conducting in-depth background checks before reporting the news?

My problems weren't related to the purported illegality of two names, as Mr Ablakwa claimed. My main worry was how Mr Ablakwa had insulted the cathedral trustees' dignity by implying that they had given Rev. Kusi Boateng GH2.6 million for nothing.

Is Rev. Kusi Boateng so impoverished that despite his several businesses and overseas churches, he is only worth stealing GH2.6 million from God's cathedral?

NDC is compromising our democratic standards to obtain political clout for the sake of power. It is sad when a parliament member uses the information presented to them as a weapon to discredit a devout Christian because he disagrees with their political beliefs. Ablakwa ought to apologise to the trustees of the national cathedral for using such an unnecessary cathedral fragrance to draw attention. In the end, all signs point to the fact that his plans and the sort of irrational impression he created around the whole matter were incorrect. Ablakwa should have known better because Rev. Kusi Boateng is worth 100 times more than GH2.6 million.

BY Isaac Ofori
Demographer, Social Activist, Educationist, and Human Rights Advocate