19.01.2023 Feature Article

The Transliteration to Ease Language Barriers, Improve and Save Lives?

The Transliteration to Ease Language Barriers, Improve and Save Lives?
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An amazingly easy and consistent Transliteration system has been inspired and ready to be tested on any language and we are choosing Arabic as first test. Why Arabic? Both Religious and Secular reasons: We will be able to rescue the millions of Africans+ who suffer on the streets , for years, to learn the Quran . We will be able to teach the same material within months to average teenagers and adults. On Secular perspective, by learning Arabic you can do business with millions of people or directly address a populace in Arabic, Chinese, etc as example. Have security partnership or ease the questionable spying governments are addicted to? Major transformation is often easier with governments, so I am inviting any and all governments to challenge my claims. I can do video conference teaching of about two hours for two days, to have my students read above seventy five percent reading approval of the Quran as example, and lot better within a week. Then we can move to any text or language of your choice, we agree on. As an individual, it means you can learn any language lot easier and all languages can transition to this easier universal Transliteration system. Robots, ibots, and services like Google translate can immensely help people by adapting to the would be proven best Transliteration yet? Remember is free test and just four hours to do first reading test on the third day? Then more in a week later, and Quranic graduates within months, for those interested.

Although I prefer governments as partners in this pilot project, because they can easily introduce it in the school curriculum, I am ready for the private sectors, from Google translate to their competitors; from private schools to billionaires who want to rescue African+ kids . If you ever visit many big cities of Senegal, Nigeria, and some others, you see countless dirty boys roaming for food and charity to eventually share with questionable inefficient quranic (koranic) teachers. Oh! They are only boys and largely blacks, so I wonder if God will finally put love in the able ones to care?

Part of it is to help them, but it is partly to help ourselves. It is a huge security threat to have millions of children have lot less working opportunities and be easy targets to terrorist groups, gangs, etc.

Once my system is proven in a world language, like Arabic, that many struggle to learn, it can become easy sell for local and worldwide acceptance ? It can mean Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Persian, German, Russian, etc can all use my Transliteration and all can happen within days or weeks... That precisely means you learn one great system and learn any language of your choice in a new way, then perhaps to their original way if need be. Using Arabic as further example, by reading any quranic text within a week, means understanding such within months, and you can thereafter Quickly! learn the varying types of Arabic scripts. Once millions of Africans+ use my simplified Arabic Transliteration, the Arab world will be forced to accept it. Similarly, if Chinese and Koreans prefer my simplified English Transliteration as first and/or last approach, u.s or any English country will have to accommodate . It may not mean the dead of any language, but the birth of one and universal bridge of languages.

Countless African languages are yet to be formally written , it means through adaptation, you learn a language through my system in the Gambia, you can deliver a speech in Ghanaians or Nigerian languages with the same system. This can be a huge asset for politicians, travellers, musicians, etc who want to impress or reduce the need for interpreters...

The AU, UN, OIC, any government, or strong partner with enough students, teenagers and adults, can put me to the test. Free two day trial, then partnership for app and other methods. Call WhatsApp +220 3787 999 to improve and save lives, by the permission of the Lord of all languages. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity : Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
I do have ideas of an app I want to create, so individuals with app creating experience can contact me if these governments failed to understand the urgent need to rescue these children and improve lives. These kids can work regularly and some may become inventors to benefit us all. God may help and still reward us beyond our imagination. Part of the work is complete for app testing.

I hope the rich or influential folks of Senegal like Youssou Ndoure, Dangote of Nigeria, the countless in u.s or xyz may understand how collaboration works? By having average students in conventional schools read the whole Quran within months in Arabic and simplified Arabic, it will reduce the appetite to send kids to traditional Koranic schools. We have to proof to questionable parents that they are in an obsolete route and should seek God revealed ways of learning. The Quran was written for easy memorising and learning, but God is making it lot easier and the Transliteration is just one of them. We will approach every chapter with over eight approaches and that will ascertain very quick learning. Videos and other methods will be useful too. My very self, God is teaching me to re-teach, including a more conscientious interpretation.

Your job as an individual is partly to pray, but also to share it with media houses, education ministers, permanent secretaries, friends, etc. We can have verifiable records that will wow governments and we can do it at once, or by continents, with governments, rather than one by one. By that I mean, I can teach students from different countries and they can re-teach their populace and the world in better ways. Although physical presence is preferred after the first test, video teaching for months may still work. Invite, Or come as tourists and students. If My Chinese or Japanese students understand my Arabic teaching enough, they will be able to write a Transliteration in their respective languages using my system, and that means you or anyone can read Chinese, Japanese, German, etc with relative ease? 'The Lord of the two east and two west' is bridging the languages through an African, where humans originated. Imagine about the thousands of non-Arabs in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, etc learning Arabic for months and struggling to read or pronounce words, but we try some of them with my system and they read much better within a week ? It is a win -win for even the Arabs who struggle to communicate with them. Think similar with any language, it is like the invention of computers as example , Transforming.

I already did audio examples of me reading the Quran in French, Spanish, and Portuguese ; and partly thanks to my amazing Transliteration system. Part of our plan is to have the Quran in all languages, with better translation, interpretation, and edutaining styles in every language, not just Arabic. Where are the rich Muslims who want to free the oppressed, modern 'free a neck' of many orphans+ in the dust?' Despite the terrible nature of many so called Islamic countries, the Quran has enormous wisdom, freedom oriented, and clearly recommends uplifting conscience in ch.91. In ch.103, one can see more freedom than any secular Government offers to date... Politicians quoting Quranic verses against questionable Islamic leaders can be much more effective, directly and indirectly.

Governments spent lot of money to train people on languages, so this inspiration can save lot of money and time beyond governments.