Beware of false prophets, O, ye religious Ghanaians without discernment

Feature Article Beware of false prophets, O, ye religious Ghanaians without discernment
JAN 12, 2023 LISTEN

Ghana is acknowledged by you and I, thus, almost all Ghanaians, to be a religious nation, to be precise, a Christian nation. Isn’t it, my fellow religious Ghanaian?

Subsequently, the nation is overflowing with pastors, prophets, evangelists, and you name it, they abound in the country.

From my knowledge about the three top religions in Ghana subscribed to by the people, thus, Christianity, Islam and Fetishism, any serious person can establish that all the three faiths have one thing in common. What then is it, O, ye religious Ghanaians?

Are all the faiths not revolving around the cardinal pivot of morality, thus, living a life of no hatred against your neighbour, nor wilfully sinning against them but loving them as thyself?

Christianity, Islam and Fetishism all admonish their worshippers to stay away from sinning against their fellows by which they will not be sinning against our Creator God that we don’t see. For the bible says, he who sins against his brother that he sees but claims to love God that he doesn’t see is a liar.

Why then are the religious leaders who claim to know best and are closer to God, hearing His voice and doing His wish, living lives that cast doubt over their integrity as men of God?

Our Christian prophets in Africa, especially in Ghana, have become total charlatans by their works. The bible says, by their works, ye shall know them. Here, Jesus was talking about false prophets.

How credible is a pastor or a prophet who charges the sick or the needy a fee before he prays for him or her? Is such a pastor or prophet doing the work of God? Is such a pastor or prophet genuine?

Why should pastors and prophets sell alleged anointing oils, water and you name it, they do sell, to people at exorbitant prices, knowing such items are as worthless as they themselves are?

In Ghana, some prophets who were indeed fake and are no longer in the trade have come out to reveal the tricks Ghanaian so-called prophets play to deceive the masses. Nevertheless, prosperity- seeking Ghanaians are still chasing these prophets as if they were genuine and can really perform miracles.

Upon all the contrary revelations made about some of the Ghanaian prophets by Demon Breaker, Manasseh and Obotan, the damn obstinate Ghanaians continue to troop the camps of the prophets.

When will the Ghanaian learn to be wise without allowing themselves to be fooled any further?

Will the underlying video help? By their fruits, ye shall know them!