We suggest Mahama must go unopposed, best strategy for NDC against NPP

By Caucus For Democratic Governance Ghana
Press Release We suggest Mahama must go unopposed, best strategy for NDC against NPP
JAN 3, 2023 LISTEN

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) in its research activity continues, for good reasons, to support the grass root assertion that, JM must go unopposed, because JM is the best marketable “winning candidate” for NDC in 2024.

Ghana for the past six years has not been in normal times. The economy finds itself in abyss, characterized by a plethora of confused and twisted economic parameters; with huge budget deficit of 7.5%; and a national debt of +500 billion (over 100% of GDP). We have 4 million jobless (about 13% of national population), the highest ever; including high taxes, obnoxious e-Levy and “acute haircut”. It is in this context that Ghana finds itself as we seek our Flag bearer.

Flag bearer
Past reflections show that former President John Mahama pulled 93.75% of the votes in 2019 NDC flag bearer elections, testifying his popularity, which is ever increasing. His many years of campaign, through the length and breadth of Ghana as flag bearer candidate and as presidential candidate has identified him as “NDC-personified”, to the masses. One of his greatest achievement was to stabilize the energy crises which started from Kufuor`s time. As former President, JM has been there before. He knows the presidential terrain, the inner structures and complexities and their possible solutions. His visionary qualities; his solutions to Akufo Addo`s problems through lectures; his long standing experiences as Parliamentarian, Minister, Vice President and President, is an extra advantage to solving acute national crises such as ours.

The truth is : the destroyed economy and the present state of the Nation, must not be left in the hands of first time Presidents. Nature is full of ego and diverse presidential ambitions not based on substance or empirical data as Vice President or President. It is for good reasons that a Vice President undergoes eight years training before they contest as President. Besides our 4th republican history shows that every first time presidential candidate except late JJ Rawlings looses twice before he wins as President. In 2016 Akufo Addo, a first time President, full of illusion, thought he knew it all and could do it all in 18 months. The result is, what we see now; suffering in the mist of poverty, high prices, obnoxious taxes including e-levy and “acute haircut”.

Election Expenses
NDC spent 24 million ghc only on polling agents In 2020 elections. This is likely to double in 2024. i) Should three agents be deployed, two at a polling station and one as a prompter on election day, ii) should there be 33,000 polling stations and if each agent receives 200 ghc; iii) should breakfast, lunch and supper for each agent cost 50 ghc; then we must be ready to spend not less than 50 million ghc on ONLY polling agents. Considering inflation, cost of living and cedi depreciation in our days, we are bound to face challenging times. This is only a small portion of the expenditure, if we project the total campaign country wide. Indeed any viable strategy against NPP, has to begin by kicking against attempts to drain the resources needed for NDC presidential race. An internal flag bearer race at this critical poverty and hunger rate, will only drain NDC of its limited resources needed for presidential elections.

Council of Elders
It is with these considerations that we think internal flag bearer elections will erode victory-2024 from the Great NDC Party. The Council of Elders and NEC/FEC in their wisdom may declare HE John Mahama as NDC flag bearer for 2024; so we do not gamble with victory-2024. Let us all support the Council of Elders and NEC/FEC against the silent attempt by NPP to deplete our resources meant for the presidential elections.

I pray and hope that other possible candidates like Dr Kwabena Duffuor would show leadership, wisdom and commitment to Unity in NDC Party by accepting HE John Mahama as NDC flag bearer for 2024. We urge all, in the Spirit of Great NDC Party to fight together to win 2024 election.

Dr E.K.Hayford