Jo Mersa Marley, Why Such A Sudden Departure From The Entertainment Industry, Just Like His Grandfather Bob Marley?

Feature Article Jo Mersa Marley, Why Such A Sudden Departure From The Entertainment Industry, Just Like His Grandfather Bob Marley?
JAN 2, 2023 LISTEN

Bad news occasionally affects fans all around the world in the entertainment industry, and just before the end of the year, on December 26, Joseph Marley, the grandchild of Nester Bob Marley who played on stage as Jo Mersa Marley, passed away.

Music enthusiasts all over the world were shocked by the news and unprepared for it. Numerous musicians in the Marley family were all influenced by the only reggae icon, Bob Marley, who passed away on May 11, 1981, at the age of 36. One of the four kids Bob had with Rita Marley is Stephen Marley. His elder son is Jo Mersa Marley.


According to reports by various media, reggae musician Joseph Mersa Marley, the grandson of Bob Marley, has passed away after being discovered unconscious in a car. He was just 31 years old.

Many current reggae stars were influenced by their father. Damian, Stephen, Ziggy, Julian, Cedella, Karen, Ky-Mani, and other family members are all carrying on their father's legacy. They also have children that are successful in the entertainment industry nowadays.

Rita Marley is the grandmother of Jo Mersa Marley, who has achieved significant success in the music industry like all of his family members descended from Bob Marley. On March 12, 1991, in Kingston, Jamaica, Joseph Marley was born. The reggae culture inherited from his family had a significant impact on his music.

Joseph naturally started pursuing his musical journey while he was growing up around aware musicians. The young musician would watch his father and uncles Damian Marley and Julian Marley perform when he was an impressionable child.


His cousin Daniel Bambaata Marley and he collaborated on his debut single, "My Girl," a reggae and pop hybrid that was produced at the Lion's Den in Miami by his father, Stephen Marley. Photo credit:

Andrew Holness, the prime minister of Jamaica, has expressed his sympathies to the family of Stephen Marley's son. The prime minister posted on Twitter, "This is terrible news; offering strength to the Marley family at this time."

Olivia Grange, the minister for culture, gender, entertainment, and sport in Jamaica, also expressed her "deep sadness" at the demise of Joseph Marley and said that Marley's "untimely passing at the young age of 31 is a huge loss to the music as we look to the future generation."

Minister Grange wrote: "May he find eternal peace as we mourn his death during this season of goodwill when we celebrate with family and friends our love for one another. She offered Stephen, Kerry, Jo's mother, the Marleys, and other family members her sincere condolences."

Grange also expressed her sincere condolences to Joseph's friends, business partners, members of the reggae music community, and fans worldwide.