Open letter to Hon. Cynthia Morrison

By Benedict Kweku Nkrumah
Letter Open letter to Hon. Cynthia Morrison
DEC 30, 2022 LISTEN

Dear Hon. Cynthia Morrison,
I send you my warmest greetings. I wish to give you this free advice as an independent person watching from afar. I am a media person and also an NPP member. I followed the recent Polling station officers' retreat from Nyarkrom, Bobikuma and Swedru. Honourable, I have been your ardent supporter since 2016 and I still admire you.

However, Honourable, I think I must say the truth to you. I can convincingly say that based on my observations and personal discussion with the delegates during the retreat, honourable you’ve lost the seat already. Throw in the towel and stop contesting the primaries because you shall surely lose the election.

Yes, you managed to court some level of sympathy with the delegates in Nyarkrom and Bobikuma but even with that, the delegates were covertly angry with your presentation in Nyarkrom but for the respect and fear, they kept quiet.

I believe you remember how the delegates responded to your entrance to the program at Swedru Parish Hall. Sincerely you’ve lost touch with the people. Compare your reception with that of Chris Arthur’s entrance to the program. Obviously, Chris Arthur got all the attention and the hype. His entrance obviously shook the foundation of the hall. He was welcomed warmly by both delegates and party supporters. I monitored your body language. I noticed that you were not happy within. Your facial expression was so clear that things were not good for you. Everyone in the hall was just looking at Chris. People were open in your eyes wearing ChrisCares caps and chanting for Chris Arthur in spite of your attempted attack on him. These are real and factual. If elections are held today, I can confidently predict that Chris Arthur will not get less than 70%.

I believe you’ve seen the MPs’ ranking circulating on many platforms. Your position as the 244 is a clear no vote on you.

Honourable, you’ve gotten what politics could offer, money and fame. I want to advice you. Don’t waste them. Save your dignity and leave the scene. My candid advice. Thank you.

Nana Abaeku Baiden
Agona West Constituency