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Torgbi Akamu V marks 1st Anniversary of enstoolment

Torgbi Akamu V marks 1st Anniversary of enstoolment
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A good thing, they say, is a joy forever.
The above saying came true last Sunday when the ceremonial grounds at Agbonuga in Anlo-Afiadenyigba came alive on Sunday December 25, 2022, as Torgbi Akamu V marked the first anniversary of his enstoolment as a divisional Chief of Anlo-Afiadenyigba traditional area with a grand and colourful durbar of chiefs and people.

The well patronised durbar was attended by a large gathering, including elders of the Akamu Royal Family, notable Chiefs, Queenmothers, Agbotaduawo of Anloland and beyond, family, friends and relatives. Other important personalities from far and near including the MCE of Keta, Honourable Emmanuel Gemegah, the MP for Keta, Honourable Dzudzorli Gakpey, the MP for Anlo, Honourable Richard Kwame Sefe, and other distinguished personalities were also in attendance to grace the occasion.

The colourful event was not only to celebrate one year of enstoolment, but also an occasion to showcase royalty, elegance, magnificence, culture and tradition.

The commemoration of the first anniversary was used to launch an appeal for fund for the construction of a modern multi-purpose palace for the Torgbi Akamu Stool.

As usual, Torgbi Akamu V was his best, in his usual white traditional Kete cloth flanked by Mama Diawor ll and Agbotadua Awudi Fialor, surrounded by a supportive of chiefs, queenmothers and Agbotaduwo, and fronted by a colourful retinue of young girls decked in traditional Anlo apparel depicting Anlo cultural values and heritage.

Young Traditional Leader
Torgbi Akamu V, a true descendant of the Royal Akamu Family of Agbonuga in Anlo-Afiadenyigba was chosen a year ago by the elders and Kingmakers to sit on the Akamu Stool which became vacant for a number of years. Torgbi Akamu V went through the initiation rites and was finally enstooled and outdoored on December 18, 2021 during a grand and colourful ceremony at Anlo-Afiadenyigba. Torgbi as a young traditional leader is full of energy and zeal to bring about change in Anlo-Afiadenyigba and Anloland as a whole in close collaboration with all the other chiefs and traditional leaders. He wants to bring transformation in areas of education, health, youth and women empowerment, tourism, environmental hygiene and sanitation, etc through his yet-to-be-launched foundation, Torgbi Akamu V Foundation, a multi-sectoral foundation to champion and lead the socio-economic change in Anlo-Afiadenyigba and Anloland and Volta Region as a whole.

Torgbi Akamu V as an entrepreneur
Known in private life as Mr. Azi Ganyo, Torgbi Akamu V is an astute entrepreneur and businessman, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sadaco Brothers Business Ventures (SBBV) across the country. Torgbi Akamu V is also involved in other economic ventures across the country including Real Estate, Education, Salt Mining and Export, etc.

Chairman and his supports
The very elegant and magnificent ceremony was ably chaired by Torgbi Ege IV of Dzodze Fiagbedu, with unflinching support from two strong other chiefs, Torgbi Baku IV of Denu and Torgbi Ame-Zegu IV of Alakple. The guest speaker for the programme was Torgbi Amenya Adzonugaga Fiti V, the Paramount Chief of Aflao Traditional Area, President of the Aflao Traditional Council and President of Ewe Chiefs of Africa.

Addresses and special messages
In his anniversary speech, Torgbi Akamu V thanked the Royal Akamu Family for giving him the opportunity to lead the family and the community. He described the honour done him as " a light on a path." He further asked that Anlo cultural values and heritage as fast getting lost and there was the great need for them to be documented for generations yet unborn. He bemoaned the situation whereby the passing on of a chief becomes the end of the family legacy and heritage since, most times, the children of the departed chief locked up and seized everything belonging to the stool since they were kept in the chief's personal home because of the absence of a palace where stool properties should be kept and preserved. He therefore urged all Royal families to endeavour to build royal palaces in order to preserve all the assets of a stool since these royal properties could not be personal ones to be seized by the children upon the death of their father, the Chief. He said that was the very reason why he launched an appeal for fund and the monies so raised would be used to build a modern state of the art palace not for him, Torgbi Akamu V, but rather for the Akamu Family Stool for future chiefs' use too. He finally thanked all the other chiefs, queenmothers, Agbotaduawo, elders, political leaders, media, dance ensembles, Asafo groups and the general public for their show of support and solidarity during the celebration.

For the guest speaker, Torgbi Fiti V, unity among chiefs was paramount for progress and development of Anloland. He said there was no stool bigger or smaller than the others and that with what he saw on the durbar ground it meant that there no small chief or big chief. He encouraged the gathering to eschew avarice and the lack of giving but rather to give to support worthy causes of development since no one would come from somewhere else to do it for them in Anloland. He also advised that people should avoid politicising everything since that seemed to be the order of the day. He pledged to donate one thousand bags of cement towards the construction of Torgbi Akamu Stool Palace. He ended by saying that was happy attending the first anniversary celebration of Torgbi Akamu V and to see the sheer number of other chiefs, queen mothers and Agbotaduawo who came around to support the programme.

There were also solidarity messages from the two MPs of Keta and Anlo Constituencies. They also called for peace and unity among the chiefs in order to promote development. They also said the chiefs and politicians must work hand in hand to bring development to their communities. They also said that chiefs are custodians of the land and as leaders they usually remain in power till death unlike politicians who come and go with time and tide.

Some achievements in one year
As part of this first anniversary celebration, Torgbi Akamu V has chalked some impactful success stories including the gravelling of a road leading to the Afiadenyigba Fish Market which was recent inundated by the lagoon water when the lagoon was in flood, the establishment of a football team in Afiadenyigba, provision of a modern 4-unit toilet facility at the Anlo-Afiadenyigba Clinic which is under construction, donation of some street lights for the community, the award of scholarship to some deserving needy but brilliant students, the institution of award for the best BECE candidates with the first awards going to the best performing pupils in BECE 2021 in Afiadenyigba, etc.

In just one year as a chief, no mean an achievement was chalked. This is a sign of true leadership. And with this, it is believed that there are better days ahead.

Appreciation and Recognition
The Royal Torgbi Akamu Family, the Elders, Torgbi Akamu V and the Central Planning Committee would like to express to all the people, distinguished guests, the Chiefs, Political Leaders, the Media, the general public and all other people who played a helping role during this great commemorative anniversary. They say, Ayeekoo. You personally made the celebration a great success.

Long Live Torgbi Akamu V!
Long Live the Royal Akamu Family!
Thank you all.
Joel Degue